December 17, 2018

The Art Of Changing Your Mind

Some may think after seeing that title that I am going back to my old blog on Google's Blogger. Some of the long time readers I have would be use to that kind of announcement because I have done it before. I think I am pretty well set with change last night to go back to a right sidebar. As you see I had already changed my mind about that before this story posted. Ha Ha
In this case that is not going to happen. Not even close.

I like the Wordpress platform a lot. I am even getting use to their new editor where I write and insert the photos. Now that I have found the icons for bullet points and the small bits to add to the content I am much happier. They were well hidden deep in their menu.

I've adjusted my photo size so once they are inserted they come in at the right size. I like the size of the photos overall when the post is opened up, but I'd prefer them to be as wide as the website, without a sidebar. Yet without a sidebar, the footer is too long and I don't care for that look after trying it a day or two.
So I am suspended in between the cells of my brain, wondering what my next move is. I hope it is sitting still now, without more design changes. That way can free up some of my time and crawl away from this computer again. I feel that I am falling into a two blog a day schedule. I am going to still schedule what I can for a very early post time.

That way I can take the events and photos of the day and post those in the early evening Eastern Time. I think the first post of the day that is scheduled early in the morning, will be posts that I write as the feeling hits me. Different topics most of the time and I'll still try to include some photos from the file I have. Any announcements will be all verbal like the one yesterday.
I was reminded again the other day that I am really writing for me. That is a hard therory to wrap my mind around, because it doesn't feel like that. I try to post photos that are some of the best ones I take for the day and those that I think the readers will like.

Besides if I am only writing for me, then why is the blog public? Why do I keep looking at different theme choices in design and ask myself "what would be best for the readers?" Or ask "will anyone even scroll to the bottom where they would see the the information that use to be on a sidebar?"

Is any of this important? Not really. It's just a place to write, good or bad. Yet that would be like saying it doesn't matter what color your house is inside or outside because "it's only a place to live." Plus I like to fool around with my blog designs until I don't want to change it anymore. THEN ... I know it's the right design. Or I just like making changes.
There is one major obstacle to that. Looking through different themes soaks up data like a sponge. My data limit is between 600-700Mb per day to keep within the 20Gb per month I pay for. That doesn't mean I stop when 700Mb is reached. I do what I want all month and buy more at the end of the month if I run out of data.

When I am checking out themes for hours on end, I will burn around 1.2Gb of data  in a day based on previous experience.
By this time in the post most visitors have clicked the back arrow and have left town. Should I be concerned? If I was then it would only make sense to stop this post right here and click the 'publish' button. Since I am "writing for me" I continue with the post (probably a boring one) and take the time I need to insert the photos between the paragraphs instead of the much faster way of doing the opposite.

So .... I think you've seen about all the changes you are going to see for a long while. The new domain name is set. I believe that most people saw the post where I told them I was changing the domain name. So we will see if any gets "lost" after the change.
I guess I am kinda 'old school' when it comes to the modern designs, plus those don't really seem to fit the hounds and what I write about. The theme I have right now is about as modern as I can get.

I look at this site to see how it works on a tablet, smart phone, laptop and my iMac. A few times I noticed that large photo at the top was loading really slow but I think that is more my internet connect than it is file size. If you have that large photo taking too long to load let me know.
dI like the list of blogs and websites I follow, but not many others do. Since the majority of visitors for the past 7 years are here and gone in less than 5 seconds I am assuming this design is basically for me. I do the same thing sometimes when I visit blogs, just a quick glance to see a photo or see what they are writing about by checking their title.

It was a good time to do all the blog movement and design changes because it rained most of the day and night on Friday and continued through Saturday morning. Southern Indiana has has over 52" of precipitation since last January 1st.
When I change my mind there is way too much analysis that goes into it. Way too much, except when I trade cars. People know that once I am on that mission things are done within 24-48 hours max. Adding another hound, could cause me to think for weeks. (no, not going to happen)

It takes a lot of skill to change your mind. I like to start a brand new spreadsheet to get everything out in front of me where I can see it, then the decision becomes clear. I do not nor will I do a spreadsheet on whether to change the blog design. I know one friend that would be in shock if I didn't "spreadsheet it".  Ha Ha
With the blogs I follow I can't same very many, two or three, have changed their blog design after more years than I have had mine. Many people are still driving their same car or truck for the past 5-6 years and I cannot remember how many different ones I have had in that same time span.

I justify changing my mind a lot as if I was wearing different clothes every day, or a different pair of shoes, taking the leash or camera on Stella's walks, and even meal changes. That really isn't a good justification for change.
Enjoyment is a better word. "I enjoy changing things."

Speaking of photos ... I find it really hard during the winter months here in 'the tropics' to take photos every day. The trees are barren, leafless. The field is dormant with browns instead greens. Most of the the skies are gray and overcast. It would make no difference if I were to drive the local area to take photos, it all looks the same ... unless it snows, then there are a lot of photo possibilities.
Some say there is beauty in everything and the picture is there somewhere. Others might say that the best picture you will ever take is when you don't take one. The problem with that is I can't remember that beautiful sunset three years ago like I did then.

So I am thinking this winter you might see a lot more 'old' photos I have in my files mixed in between these unorganized paragraphs. My writing proves I like to change my mind ... it can change as fast as a new paragraph.
That drives me insane and is a habit I wish I could quit. It's just a lack of focus and a brain that is hopping all over the place.

So let's see what happens.
The coffee is gone. The Saturday morning walk was postponed due to rain. If MLB can do it so can I. I'm not hungry, don't want to read a book, don't want to watch tv or a movie nor do I want to watch daily news ... I am also rethinking that decision.

All the photos were take by me with a small Olympus camera 15 years ago. It was on a MLB Baseball Tour for 14 days, 13 cities (games) and 1 day at Cooperstown NY. Over 3,500 miles driven, plenty of room on a large bus with 32 people. One of the best vacations ever. If you might be interested in something like that, take a look at Jay Buckley's Baseball Tours.  (not an affiliate link)

Hoping for dry weather here today (Sunday) in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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