December 19, 2018

What A Difference A Day Makes

Let's see ... 6 days before Christmas in the Midwest, no coat, no hat, no gloves during our afternoon walk. Even Heidi was so excited she stayed outside, barked to show her excitement and even got airborne a little. When all that happens, the mood changes ... all at 52°. It has happened before so don't start lecturing me on Global Warming ... this is 'weather' not 'climate' ... there's a difference. Yes, the globe is warming. By the number of photos and few words you will see just how nice was today.
I have to burn this pile before next spring otherwise after winter weather the pile will double. What's the delay? See that garden hose to the left .... huge tear, it leaks and I keep forgetting to buy an additional 50'er so I can reach the hose and water source to the pile for file control.
Nor was Heidi ... interested in getting off the carport right after lunch. Great weather but they were not moving, a little after 11am. When you eat breakfast kibble at 6:03am ... you get to eat lunch kibble early
When we went back outside a little after 1pm ... Stella 'thought' it might be a good idea for her afternoon walk when I asked if she wanted to go on one.
In fact Stella was THRILLED with the idea of some aerobic exercise ... but only at her pace.
It's like an Army of yard moles have been dropped into the yard. I hate the bastards. I've tried mole traps, underground electric signals, Milky Spore lawn chemicals, a spray with Castor beans, my own mix with Dawn's soap, tabasco, water, vinegar mix, chewing gum in their tracts and even a lawn chair with a bottle of beer and a shotgun while waiting for the ground to move. A constant war living so close to a field.
She almost headed down into the gully until I moved to stop her.
Chopping my steps as she walks in front of me slower than slow. It's her 'afternoon' pace.
One of those times I had to backtrack to go get her ... she's really stubborn ... not a fan of backtracking.
Remember those skies on this morning's post "The Mind is Interesting"?  Here they are 5 hours later.
Not quite to the yard I spot Heidi over by the burn pile ... living proof she does get out of bed and off the couch. She is a great basset hound. How did I ever find her at GABR.
Stella was in shock when she saw Heidi and had to stop to comprehend what she saw. She didn't move as I walked around her.
Sprinting to the house because she heard my voice and possibly the word 'food' ... no, she didn't hear 'food'
That bark sure sounds like the one when she wants to eat.
Still shaking her ears out from yesterday ... I'll wipe them out again today with some dog ear wipes
I have no answers about itching ... over the past three years I've gone to 4 vets, spent hundreds of dollars, tried every blend of grain free food and even weekly environmental allergy shots ..... nothing worked until my latest kibble that I have been using since February 2017.
All of that vet treatment, shots and food were for Heidi's skin condition a couple of years ago, not Stella's scratching. Stella's happy though ... on to her afternoon siesta just like every day. She picked up the pace all the way to the door.

Changes starting yesterday morning before 6am continue today.


  • Black coffee

  • No rice, no pasta (ran out)

  • Groceries today were coffee, then nothing but the fruit and produce aisle

    • Except for eggs and Kerrygold butter, nonsalted

  • I am officially serious about what I eat
I love December days like this ... reminds me of those Decemeber days living in Carlsbad California.

You never know about anything with the sudden changes in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. Stella got an A+ on her test today.

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