June 23, 2017

Rain Halts All Activity

The rain started sometime yesterday and will continue throughout the day until early this evening where the chance of rain drops below 25%. When that happens everything seems to stop. Less things to blog about, less photos are taken and no desire to blog about any of it.

The hounds seemed to sense yesterday that their daily walks would be cancelled until further notice. We got in the early morning walk yesterday but that was all. Sadie was begging in the worst way to go on one late Thursday afternoon but it was just too wet.

Today has been constantly light rain. It's blowing from the Gulf, flowing a NE tract. About the time it stops and it looks like we can get outside for some walking or wandering around the yard ... the drops start falling again.

Heidi of course is only going out long enough to dump her tanks and then is back at the door to be let in. The couch with a nice breeze flowing through the house is her favorite spot.

Stella has not requested her usual number to go outside. She has been spending a large amount of time on the cooler bedroom hardwood floor sleeping. For some reason she has decided that is the best place to be.

It's good to see those ribs are disappearing. We are just a few days shy of using the Wholesomes SportMix dog food for 4 months. I am not positive that is the only reason that Heidi regained her weight and has a coat of hair that has never looked better ... but I'm not changing the food to find out.

It is manufactured by Earthborn Holistic Pet Food and is rated high by Dog Food Advisor. I am hoping the slight gain of weight by Stella keeps going with her eating this food. The vet said to wait 16 weeks after a change of food before making another change. This seems to be working for her also.

Sadie on the other hand ... never changes. It doesn't matter if it is raining heavy or light, sun or no sun, 98° or 7° ... she just loves to be outside giving her nose and legs a workout.

Yet as active as she is outside, she is always sound to sleep within 10 minutes after returning inside. She can sleep long and deep as well as the other two hounds. As far as food, it doesn't matter to her what she is fed ... everything works.

Here are some of the highlighted activities of the hounds these past few days. It will give you a good idea what they do when they are inside.

For me nothing has changed much with the change in weather. I'm reading my books more than usual, taking a siesta when the urge hits and thinking of future plans. I've been camped out at the kitchen table with the laptop when I am on the computer.

It's interesting see what kind of trailers are being towed. There are definitely more trailers towed than Class A or C RVs. I rarely see any Class C's passing by on the highway but a lot of long and large 5th wheels and trailers going both north and south.

I've written this post but not sure that I'm going to post it. It's hard to blog on days like this.

By tomorrow we will be back to 5 more days of sunshine here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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