June 28, 2017

The Hounds Really Enjoy The Cut Field

I have to admit the daily hound walks are much more enjoyable with the field cut. I no longer get wet from my knees to my feet from heavy morning dew. The hounds are easier to keep track of while they have more room to roam and I have not found one tick on me after a walk since the field was cut.

When the field was taller I would find 3-5 ticks on me after each walk. The one dose of NexGard I gave the hounds in April works so well I have not found any ticks, dead or alive, on the hounds.

Stella trotted out with Sadie into the field but it wasn't long before she was at her own pace and on her own schedule. She had the freedom to do whatever she wanted, go where she wanted and supplement her diet with anything she found.

Sadie started tracking scent as soon as she hit the field and ever stopped.

You can see the differences in interest between Stella and Sadie ... I continued to walk along my path at my normal pace.

As Sadie sprinted along the edge of the field, she was headed for the far right corner. Stella was headed back to a couple of spots that were her favorites the past couple of weeks.

No sparrows to chase today but Sadie had strong scents to chase.

Back to the corner to check out the deer scent. I thought she might head into that wooded area but instead she came sprinting to catch up with me on the back edge of the field.

As you can see, Stella never moved.

As I was on my way back home, I deviated my walk to go over and let Stella it was time to head home. She joined up with Sadie and made the slow trek back to the yard.

The weatherman said that hot temps and high humidity were on the way later today. I am not really looking forward to that change and I have become quite spoiled by the 'perfect' weather this past week.

The rain that was in the forecast on Sunday never showed up and keeps moving out a couple of days further into the week.

This is the only flower that I have see that survived the cutting and baling of hay.

Heidi finally made her appearance after her lunch. She found a good spot to relax while Sadie and Stella did a little exploring.

Stella wasn't sure if she was going to join Sadie. She really liked the strong breeze from the SW bring those temperatures closer to 80°. It looks like she is continuing to gain weight.

This pretty close to where Heidi stayed the other day while Sadie, Stella and I went for a walk. She doesn't seem to energetic lately but I let her do whatever she wants. If she wants to come with us, she will.

The thing about the field being cut, some of those stems from the wild bushes are still pretty stiff and they make a great back scratcher. Sadie has one daily every since they cut the field.

What a difference a year makes in Heidi'd weight. I don't think she was this big when I brought her home 6 years ago.

Sadie was ready for a walk but it was too soon after their lunch. I try to wait after every meal before they get any kind of exercise. That is suppose to help in preventing bloat. I've been very fortunate not having my big chested bloodhounds go through that in past years.

By the time I finished cooking I was either going to have a late lunch or an early supper. It wasn't much, just brown rice and steamed broccoli and carrots. I added a splash of Tamari sauce.

Even I felt like getting out of the house some more on such a nice day, so we headed out for a mid-afternoon walk. This way they will stay quiet and sleep while I sit outside and read books.

Stella let me know without saying a word that it was hotter today than it had been all week. We are not close but the temps are headed back to the high 80's by tomorrow. We will still walk but will wait later in the afternoon, early evening for our 2nd or 3rd walk of the day.

Stella was ready to get back inside to sleep ... Sadie had more things to look at but followed both of us into the house.

It will be another night of watching some Reds baseball and a little reading. Nothing exciting going on here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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