January 13, 2016

Blogs - Hounds - Uneventfull Day

Since my last post this morning, not a lot went on. Heidi got up just long enough to eat, a round trip outside that lasted a minute. Photos of her for proof were attempted but she said no way. I took 5 quick shots of her and she ducked her head or turned her face away in every one of them. She was happy to be back on the living room chair on her blanket.

It was 24° but felt much colder.

Sadie and Stella spent most of the afternoon sleeping. In fact it was a first that I can remember that Stella did not come find me and let me know either by whining or howling that it was time for lunch. They didn't wake up until they heard me filling their stainless steel food bowls.

As you will see in this afternoon photos, Stella keeps pushing that boundary out little by little. You can see her turning to see if I am watching her before she tries to go out further into the field.

By the time she ran into the yard, Stella met her at full speed, letting her know she had better start playing by the rules. Otherwise that anchored tether will be re-connected even if the anchor has to be dug out of the snow.

Checking To See If I Am Looking

Don't Even Look That Direction

Too Far Out

Ignoring My Calls
Still In The Ignore Stage

Veered Right Just To Fool Me

Sadie Has Better Things To Do

Sadie Telling Stella To Pay Attention
Thoughts on Wordpress

I didn't spend all afternoon working and getting to know more about Wordpress. I was fixing some issue that happened during the transfer of the blog. Overall a very smooth and successful operation. I did a lot of reading trying to find ways to change things within the blog.

Wordpress has Categories and Tags compared to Blogger Labels. I would have preferred those thousand labels to be turned into tags when the blog transferred but Wordpress made them all categories. I have almost figured out how to bulk edit the categories and make the correction.

Another thing I like about Wordpress is when you upload your photos they go into one library with the newest on top. No need to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Sure I wish I could change the color of my Blog Title and Post Title, but not enough to pay for the Premium plan. It's something you can do on Blogger for free.

I think I have the blog set up the way I want it ... but can I leave it alone? I like seeing all the blogs I follow with their updates shown on the sidebar, like I have on Blogger. Where as now it's on a different screen under a reader list. I get the same info and I guess it does keep the clutter off the main page. There is probably a way to do that but I haven't figured it out yet.

I believe my slow mental state is because of staying up until 4:00 am local time ... I'll make up for that lost sleep tonight.

Nothing else to report from the "tropics" of Southern Indiana.

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