January 16, 2016

Blog Disappointment

Author note:  I chose option #3, currently in process at 9:39pm. Around 11:00 pm I was told the ‘installer’ might be stuck because the files were not loaded into the blog. During this 3 hour delay a few people have told me just start this blog from scratch and leave the Blogger blog intact. I put a page with links at the top when I started this blog named “old blog”. So that’s what I’m going to do. Saves a tremendous amount of time.

When you have tendencies of being a perfectionist when putting a blog or website online, early Saturday night I became very disappointed in my new blog on WP. I had been editing old posts that either didn’t have a category or tags. Blogger calls them ‘labels’. What was shocking was finding just how screwed up the format of the transferred post was. I looked at the ‘preview’ and found HUGE amounts of formatting errors, paragraphs ran together, no spacing between photos and paragraphs.

I was somewhat shocked at what I saw. Very unprofessional and a huge disappointment.

Of course if no readers click on a post from last summer or three years ago they wouldn’t see it, so I guess it wouldn’t matter. Yet, I would know the majority of the transferred posts look like crap. Those readers that would find those older posts would also see the same issues.

I doubled checked the posts on my Blogger blog and found there was no consistency in what WP called a category or tag. Sometimes that Blogger ‘label’ was transferred as a WP ‘category’ or ‘tag’, sometimes not at all.

So what are my options:

  1. Leave everything the way it is for the older post, even the missing categories
  2. Edit only the categories and tags like I started to do and don’t touch the body of the post.
  3. DELETE all the posts on WP that was transferred from Blogger – then do the transfer process again.
  4. DELETE all the posts on WP that was transferred from Blogger and have the starting point 13 Jan 2016

I really can’t believe it the more I think about it. There should be very few issues transferring from Blogger to WP. I still wonder what damage was done when I inadvertently transferred my Blogger blog a 2nd and 3rd time, that I discussed here a few days ago.

I guess I could find out by selecting option #3.

Any readers that use WP, have you heard of issues such as this when transferring your old blog to WP from Blogger? In the meantime I will start Sunday morning by checking the WP forums.

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