January 04, 2016

Nothing New But a Good Day For Winston

As you can see from the two photos from Sunday afternoon and then the last two photos from this morning ... the two fields across the highway have had the flooding water disappear at a rapid rate. 

These are from Monday morning showing quite a difference from just a couple of days ago.

Sunday afternoon Sadie and Stella were pretty lazy and laidback, not really enthused about doing anything. They sniffed around a little but nothing exciting nor very far away from the yard. Ten acres to roam and they get three feet from the backyard.

After Winston had a few hours of sleeping on the couch last night, moving from his left to right side without a sound, it was time for one last trip outside. It was still early but I moved him into his gated area, turned off the lights wth the game on tv ... he fell right back to sleep between his sleeping bag and Mexican blanket. The more sleep he gets the better for him.

Heidi decided she also needed to borrow my Marmot sleeping bag and it took just a few minutes before she had maneuvered into her favorite position and hobby ... sleeping. By the time it was the official time to sleep she had crawled out of the oven to enjoy the cooler air inside the bedroom. I don't have the windows even cracked, but it's cool temperatures in there.

We didn't finish watching the NFL game Sunday night. During these times you grab sleep when you can, so it was lights out at 10:30pm and all the hounds had been sleeping soundly by that time for the past hour.

I think if I had not had to get up at 4:48am Winston would have slept even longer. Heidi heard me get up, which started the "domino effect", then Sadie and Stella got up by the time I was able to sneak back to bed with the lights off ... of course Winston sat up from his slumber. So it was a lot of water to quench his thirst and then outside. He is starting to pee in multiple places now, so the walks are longer. I can't tell at times if he just wants to go on a walk or is sniffing for multiple spots.

Today I decided he would go back to the center of my bed, covered with the sleeping bag. Otherwise he would have sat in his gated area in the living room and whined. Once again he slept on each side. This "right side" stuff is very new to him since his back injury. In fact Sunday it might have been the first time he has been able to move to that right side.

Also in bed this morning for the first time I can remember since December 19, he laid on his side stretched out from head to toe with occasional feet pushing against you to gain more room. Only his front feet were doing that. I still do not get any responses when I touch his rear paw pads, yet he was able to stand with my help, just a little bit on his rear legs.

He has only 4 more doses of Prednisone to take and that will finish his 40 tablets. This week's dose is every other day. His next K-Laser treatment is Wednesday morning. I am anxious to see how much better he feels by the time we go. He slept well after breakfast this morning but as Sadie and Stella became more active chewing their bones ... Winston woke up and wants to move like normal. He doesn't know he is hurt because he already has figured out a long time ago his front legs and shoulder works fine and that's all he needs ... at least in his mind.

Stella and Sadie went outside for a quick check on air temperature, animal tracks while they slept and then back inside for some quiet wrestling.

The day was pretty quiet. Winston slept a lot with my loaned sleeping bag. He gets really excited when it's time for lunch. Around 2:20pm today he started whining a lot. We went outside a few times and he walked in that field for the longest time before I came to the realization he didn't want to poop, he just wanted to walk the field like he use to.

When we came back inside, I decided to put him on the couch with Heidi. I wanted to see if that would stop his whining. He doesn't like being confined. Within a minute of sitting him on the couch, he laid down and fell asleep.

With Winston on the couch Sadie decide his sleeping bag on her spot against the wall was the place to be. She has laid there without a blanket for years, when she doesn't want on the furniture.

Nothing new to report today but that's fine. He didn't regress in anything and he can't have a "new" improvement every day. Patience .. Patience .. Patience

The temps were cold here in the "tropics" of Southern Indiana. It said 35° but felt like 0° with no wind.

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