January 12, 2016

To Move Or Not To Move??

Don't panic for you long time readers ... not moving from the house ... I may move my blog to Wordpress. Just like waffling on my decisions of the past 4 years of what kind of RV to buy, or a trailer, or should I travel, or should I sell my house and move west, or ... or ... or.

The list goes on and on ... written about right here on this blog. Just remember if you decide to go back and catch up reading my "rollercoaster" thinking, that "you have to be a little crazy to keep from going insane".

It all started with the 'little' issues Blogger gives us at times. Similar to my Nikon D3200, but I'll not go into that today. There are many bloggers that have used this platform a lot longer than I have (4y 3m) and probably have a 1,000 more photos than I have but Spotted Dog Ranch made a comment here a few days ago, saying that Google is now wanting to bill her for any more photos she adds to her blog.

I thought I saw somewhere that Blogger gave us unlimited storage on Picasa for photos uploaded to our blogs.

Add in the post I made yesterday morning about most people will have to have a google account to make comments, maybe read or follow the blog (I'm still confused on that) although I have my comments open to everyone, even anonymous with word verification to keep the spammers at bay. If I read it correctly everyone would need a google account. Feel free to correct me if I am not understanding their statement I posted yesterday.

Add in the times I have clicked on an older post, only to see all of my photos for that blog post are gone and nothing more than a big white screen where the photos should go. Takes a lot of time of going back and uploading old photos, as they are not always located "in this blog" file.

Still, even if the Blogger templates are a little barbaric in the land of blogs and websites today, I must say that I like my current blog template design, the colors I chose and the fonts. So it really is a tough decision to move my blog to Wordpress.

I have experience in setting up a host for my domain, loading this blog's backup files into FileZilla to upload into Wordpress. I never enjoyed it. Very time consuming, at times frustrating when either the site didn't show up, or an additional plug-in needed installed by me for it to work.

I don't want to be a website designer ... I just want to blog.

So after talking to my GoDaddy rep, where I bought my domain years ago, he verified what I thought the process would be if I would want to transfer my blog to Wordpress. Let's say I did not go outside in the dark, jump up and down in the snow .. screaming "I can't wait to do that!"

So I have two options. (1) Keep my blog here, there aren't that many issues I guess. (2) Use Wordpress's free version.

The only way I can move this blog and all it's photos and posts is to use the paid version of Wordpress so I can use the FTP to transfer files. I can leave this blog here, with a final post directing visitors to a new location on Wordpress's free version and start a new blog starting within the next few days. I would have the time to cut and past all my January 2016 posts, plus the photos into Wordpress if I chose to do that. That's just me ... I can't start a blog on January 12 when January 1 seems like a much nicer way to start a new blog.

That is similar of mowing just the backyard last summer and letting front yard go for a week or two. I couldn't go through with it.

Wordpress templates are plentiful and professional looking ... even the free ones. They look 'clean', the dashboard is very easy to work with, their photos load really fast and in fact may just look a little nicer in quality ... but with old eyes, who really knows if I am seeing that or not.

So I set up a free Wordpress account late yesterday afternoon. After two hours of working on a new blog design I didn't have a lot done. I still had not decided on what template to use and don't even know this morning. I did do two pages, the 'About' and 'My Hounds' pages. I could have everything set up in design and ready for my first real post by noon today ... I think.

I do like messing around with website design. I like changing my default browser on occasions. I mean what else is there to do while being snowed in besides playing fetch with Sadie (going on right now), reading books, surfing the 'net or taking naps. So I will probably get back into Wordpress after I publish this post and see what I can do. I can also find out if the move is worth all the time it will take.

In the meantime leave your thoughts about this move in the comment section and keep coming back here because this blog has not moved yet and maybe never will.

The hounds have been in their normal routines again this morning. Snow flying sideways as I type this. Of course Heidi went out early, like at 6:03 am, then to the living room chair until lunch ... pretty smart basset.

The bloodhounds have ran, sniffed the snow, played outside, played inside, Sadie played fetch with Stella tackling her while bring the bone back to me ... and they have slept, like now ... it's quiet.

Snowy, warm with just below 32° here in the "tropics" of Southern Indiana

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