January 23, 2016

Hounds Have Dot Com Sites

After a lot of confusion yesterday and last night about building the 3 new websites for the hounds – each having their own .com domains – a friend mentioned something about how plugins worked and the cobwebs of my memory evaporated immediately. I remembered what to do. So I headed off for a good night of sleep, started again this morning and finished their sites in less than 4 hours time.

Here are the links that you will need to change your bookmarks to:

Heidi – http://heidithebasset.com

Stella – http://stellathebloodhound.com

Sadie – http://sadiethebloodhound.com

Now the reason you need to change your bookmarks or favorites to those links, I have to delete the .worpress.com sites each hound had because if I don’t, the google search engines say that each of the hounds have duplicate content. They don’t like that and would penalize the new sites of the hounds, thus they wouldn’t show up on the search engines.

Why did I build these sites and not keep the ones I made the last week?

Well the hounds are going to do a little affiliate internet marketing. They needed their own domain name to do that. They think it might be a chance to make some money online, buy a few more treats, maybe a camping trip here and there or save up for any unexpected vet bills they might have as they get older.

They don’t have the chance to join Obamacare, so they have to do something for some sort of health insurance.

Also, going to their own domain name makes it their site, they own it, they own their photos. Sure their slave Steve will have to do the work in the background, he has installed automatic updates so their sites are backed up without us even worrying about it. It will be the same type of work the hounds have me doing now FOR FREE … I don’t get paid by them.

All of the hounds are happy with the way things have turned out. They would like some warmer temps though.

This morning started out interesting. We normally go outside together to take the two normal photos for my personal use…the shot across the field and at the corner of the house looking back into the field. Just a sky shot to show what the weather is like.

For some reason this morning I didn’t let the hounds outside with me at the same time. I wasn’t going out that long, only to take 2 photos. During my first photo I picked up about 15+ deer running across the cornfield. By the time I focused the Nikon D3200, there were but 5-6 of them left. The last 2 turned and looked at me, then sprinted away when they heard my Nikon D3200 beep when it focused.

If I would have let the hounds out with me, like normal, they would have smelled the deer immediately before they did anything. Once they saw them, they would have taken off running after them, having to cross a dangerous highway to get to them … and they would have been “unconscious” during their chase. They would have never heard me yelling their names.

Nothing would have stopped them. So something prevented me from letting them out.

Afterward, they came outside for their morning trip, did a little snooping around and then right back inside.

Stella came when I called her name … she was happy to be back inside.

That’s about all from the ‘tropics’ of Southern Indiana this morning. I have more fine tuning to do on all of their websites, some double checking things to make sure they work and an IU basketball game on at noon I want to watch.

Be sure to check out their new sites, although, they have the same themes (templates) so they will look the same in appearance. Let me know if they are missing something you want or you find that something doesn’t work like before.

Thanks for visiting.

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