January 12, 2016

Seven Hours Flew By With Little Accomplished

I don't have anything tonight but 6 more photos and only 5 of them are of the hounds. I didn't get started working on Wordpress until about 10am. It's is 7-1/2 hours later and really I don't have squat on that blog.

It's fun to do that type of work, setting up a site. At the same time it is frustrating. I will say though .... THE PHOTOS ARE SHARP - LOOK MUCH BETTER THERE THAN HERE!!

So is that a tease or not? Almost like the game of golf. You play a round of 18 holes, and even if you are a 32 handicap or a 7 handicap ... you are going to hit only 5-7 great shots that will keep your addiction to the game alive and you keep playing.

When I saw how sharp and clear those photos were that were uploaded when I was rebuilding the pages, 'My Hounds', 'Winston's Story' for example - same photos and look better - enough that you can tell a difference, I was surprised in the difference. That is just one of the things that keeps me from quitting all of the tweaking/building of the site.

The skies turned blue about 11am, the sun came out, only the bloodhounds went outside because evidently Heidi has canceled today. She was up to eat lunch at noon, after her first trip outside of the day at 6:03am, and she has been hibernating every since.

Sadie and Stella did their normal recon in the field after lunch. Dumped their tanks, looked for any deer scents and came back when I called them. When their tails are curled like that - their radar is locked in.

Later in the afternoon when I had to go outside to talk to myself, mumbling all the way ... they followed me outside of course but didn't get out of the backyard area. By the time they both came up for air, their noses were probably frozen but they didn't feel anything. I think they were only smelling under the snow and nothing was eaten since there was no residue hanging from their jaws.

They returned inside to sleep the rest of the afternoon.

They feel no pain - They're Bloodhounds!!

Take a look at my first post, the layout, the design and let me know if you like it better than this blog. I still have to add my blog roll links on the new blog. I can also change the theme (blogger calls it a template) but I cannot changes all the colors on that page to make it the same as this page. I would need upgrade my WP account to Premium. Take a look here.

A beautiful day here in the "tropics" of Southern Indiana.

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