January 13, 2016

Stella's Frozen Paw Confuses Her

I knew when I saw the storm door frozen and the latch was frozen, that was really cold, like single digits cold. My thermometer said 12° and it's usually about 5° warmer than the weather sites online.

As the hounds put their paws on the yard, I could hear the snow "crunching" so that was another sign it was more than freezing.

Sadie charged through the field. I was following her through my 200mm zoom lens. When I noticed her raise her front paw I knew their paws were going to have problems.

By the time I glance at Stella, who had not walked more than 20' into the field ... she was limping. I took the following poor quality photos and sat my camera down to go out and bring them back into the house by hand.

By the time the camera was sat down Stella is trying to walk to the house with looks of confusion and her left rear paw raised above the ground. Surprisingly she was pretty light and easy to carry. She did not put up any kind of fight and was probably happy about getting a free ride back inside the house.

By the time I went back outside to get Sadie, she was standing at the door to be let in.

I hope those 40° temps get here soon.

Around 11:30am the hounds woke up from their morning nap ... except Heidi. I looked outside and saw blue skies, checked the temps on the thermometer and noticed the 12° increase and took the hounds outside.

I don't usually post photographs like this next one, this will be my first and last ... but it's not always "fun and games" here in the "tropics for the hounds. Great personalities but just like any other dog. I'm just happy they always dump tanks in the field.

The cameraman was getting cold, so their stay outside was short. They didn't hesitate to sprint for the house when I said "come on".

I am enjoying working with WordPress here in the "tropics" of Southern Indiana.

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