January 14, 2016

Temporary Problem

I’ve been doing some work on the blog this morning and just found out that the option to click the photos in the blog posts to enlarge them doesn’t work. Also you should be able to click on the 100 photo gallery on the left sidebar and enlarge it just like the photos enlarge of the 3 hounds above it.

It’s in the process of being fixed … not sure what the solution is yet … but being worked on. I know the source.

2:15pm – I was in my admin dashboard to see if the gallery was the problem. As I held my mouse over the gallery slideshow … I saw the “hand cursor” to enlarge the photo or it will show up to open a link. I saved it. Once I reloaded my blog … it still was not working either on the gallery or photos in the blog post. Please leave a comment if you CAN enlarge the photos in the blog post or the 100 photo gallery. Thanks}

2:59pm – getting close to a fix. I have been told how to edit the new WP posts that had photos so they will enlarge. ALL of the OLD posts from Blogger will enlarge here, they have never changed I guess. I will update or take this post down once everything is working correctly.

3:12pm – Well I received the fix. Photos have been fixed on all the posts made since starting with WordPress. the process for new post photos was explained. I am happy the photos got fixed. I cannot believe that photos will not be loaded automatically to enlarge once they are inserted into a new post. I have to either load one photo at a time or edit them one at a time if I do a bulk load when doing a new post. To me that is pretty unbelievable.

As far as the import problem I thought had caused all of this photo mess, I found out it was user error with ME picking the wrong link to import to, when the page said “from where” the import would be coming from. All I wanted to do was bulk edit my categories that were imported from Blogger and change most of them to tags. It was really an idiot mistake by me, not reading from the top of the list of links where the import was to go and seeing “categories and tags converter” number 3 in line.

I am leaving this post active instead of deleting it for future reference and also it might help someone else that needs help with the same issue of photos not enlarging on their WP blog.

As far as the 100 photo gallery. If I set the gallery as a slideshow, individual photos can NOT be enlarged. If I were to change the setting to “tiles” like some of you may have seen, they CAN be enlarged. That makes too much clutter on the sidebar with a 100+ thumbnails running down the side … so I changed it back to a slideshow.

I am off to edit the afternoon hound photos for my next blog post tonight. All the hounds have been sleeping most of the afternoon while laying in all the sunshine that is lighting up the windows and rooms.

I am learning more and more, as it was expected, as I work with WordPress. There are a lot of great features

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