January 07, 2016

The Hounds Adapt Quickly

While we should be putting on boots, gloves, hats and a ski parka before taking our walk for the day ... I'm not ... Don't have to. With the temps at a 'blazing' 51° here in the tropics, all I needed was a 4 season jacket over my sweatshirt. Nike shoes instead of boots ... and we were off.

It was -7° on this day last year.

Sadie, Heidi and Stella seem to be back to normal activity.  In fact Heidi is getting out of bed when the other hounds do and has made it outside today on 3 different occasions. That, is totally unheard of for her. She was awake and outside by 6:03am today.

She normally goes out to the front yard, does her thing and then immediately back to the door to be let inside. Today after letting her out I headed in the back to take some bloodhound photos but more importantly to monitor and yell at them to stop eating the deer droppings. THAT is all they want to do outside.

So it was pretty shocking to see Heidi running down the side of the house, coming from the north. That means she ran completely around the house instead of heading for the door.

After she was inside, I grabbed my camera and decided Sadie and Stella might be more interested in a walk instead of digesting deer stuff. I was right. Who says that hounds cannot see? About 50' away I hold up the retractable leash for Sadie and Stella to see ... not saying a word ... they come sprinting to me because they know that means walk.

Stella is the only one that is leashed. I figure at Sadie's age and weight, she might chase a deer but not for long before she would be out of breath and I could then catch her. Stella is a different story I think, so for her protection and my sanity I put the 25' retractable leash on her.

As you'll see, the first half of their walk their noses rarely come off the ground ... that is all deer area.
Here are some photos of their walk today.

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