January 29, 2016

Stella Passes Her 2nd Test

I really didn’t have any doubts that Stella would do okay off-leash during our walks. Of course there has not been any surprise deer jump out at us. We are also walking now mid-day, not late afternoon. Sadie was ready to go when she heard the word walk … she is waiting for Stella and I to catch up.

We are off for a Friday afternoon walk – Sella is not leashed.

 It seems like that same corner every time – Stella will stop and wait for Sadie to catch up.

 The follow their own same path every day, whether Stella is leashed or not.

Stella decided to stop in the same spot as yesterday. I walked on as fast as I could because I wanted to see what she would do once she realized how far away I was.

 Once she saw how far out in front Sadie and I were, Stella came running. Interesting that she didn’t run directly to us but followed the path that we take every day. I can even see a faint picture of the path on Google Satellite.

 As Stella turned the corner to head back to the house – She decided it was time to play.

 Although there are teeth exposed at times – there has never been any biting or growling.
There are times though that Stella starts to get a little rough, so I have to stop them.

Once I said “let’s go home” they both took off down the path.

 By the time we returned to the house they were ‘walking’  and were asleep within 5 minutes after going inside.

Heidi made her one and only trip outside right after lunch. With the temps below her 70° threshold, she shivered, raised her font paw – telling me she was ready go go back inside.

It was a quiet and relaxing day here in the ‘tropics’ of Southern Indiana

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