September 17, 2020

Basset Hound vs The Bulldog

I was going to take the day off from riding this morning and hike either Brown Canyon or the San Pedro River. These photos are from late this afternoon but this morning the smell of smoke was in the air, a strong smell. I knew then why my watch had been pinging me with Air Quality Alerts ... they were having a controlled burn this morning. All riding and hiking would wait another day. I think I have over 30 photos today, from last night after my blog post to this afternoon. I realized something last night when downloading photos, too many of my blog photos recently were of the hounds and the dog sleeping. That will change as of this post.

I have also figure the new process to get around Blogger's changes of loading photos not in my order but in reverse order. I remembered to download all the photos I want for this post into the Blogger library, hit cancel, then uploade again only this time from "Blogger". Luckily with their recent changes that large library of images loads very fast and I can scroll to the bottom of the screen then choose the photos in the order I want and they load correctly.

So there is no confusion tonight ... I am going to put the commentary before the photos I am talking about. Like now .... these puppies do three things, sleep, play and eat. Walter is now the one that has a puppy crawling all over him with sharp teeth grabbing his leg to tear it off or grabbing a mouthful of Walters wrinkled skin. He tolerates it just like Stella did with him. They were having fun last night until Henry's attention span switched to something else. There are playful growls and barks in their wrestling.

In a split second Henry thought he saw something blowing in the yard. The wrestling match was over, and he was moving on to a piece of drid brush of some sort. I like that he is showing a little independence at such a young age.

Stella didn't see what all the excitement was about, whether they were wrestling or playing with sticks. She is just happy to be back to her 'old' routine befor Walter arrived ... of sleeping, kicking back and enjoying life with that cool late afternoon southern breeze as we dip into fall.

Right before this post tonight, Henry thought he'd walk over in the direction where the doberman peers over the fence. Although that has decreased to almost nothing since talking with both neighbors about the dog problem and telling them I was moving. 

This is the first basset hound puppy I've had since July 2004, where I picked up Winston. Needless to day Henry is stirring a lot of those memories of a great basset hound.

The final step of the real estate fiasco was completed today. They finally sent me a payment link so I could remburse the buyer for their appraisal. I paid her directly for the inspection. Checking Zillow and Realtor, my house was no longer listed for sale on their websites so it had officially been deleted from the MSL. 

I have the urge to sell my new truck, why?  LOL

A beautiful day here in the 'Wild West' ... I hear Tombstone calling my name and tomorrow is Friday.


  1. I think little Henry is going to be a real character with a great personality. Happy your "fiasco" is all a done deal now and you can focus on selling your new truck???????????? LOL.

    1. Between him and Walter, the blog could stay interesting for a long time. That truck? A 5 minute window, back and forth. The real problem is I don't have enough parking spots.

  2. BTW, I am not worried about the paint being affected by the smoke. The smoke has been better the last two days. Also, the painters seem to move in slow motion and are still caulking and priming the house. Though slow, they are doing a good job which is most important, especially on a 60 plus year old home built completely of wood. Happy to not be paying by the hour.

    1. Ah, prepping the house to paint is the most important. I was painting a house one summer between college semesters and quoted the job .. one dollar figure. This "old" couple was tracking my time and when it came to writting the check, they decided I didn't deserve the quote amount but what the number of hours it took. I had a friend of theirs smooth things over and I got paid what the quote said. So let them work at their pace, don't track hours. LOL