September 23, 2020

Hounds And A Dog Supervise

I could tell today was going to be a little bit different. After my too long of a bike ride yesterday I was taking the day off from riding but I also had a few things I wanted to get done around the house today. There isn't a lot of maintenance compared to the old house back in the tropics but there are things I want to finish. I had sprayed some Round Off on the other side of the fence a few weeks ago. Killing the folliage against the fence keeps the snakes away and the county mower that comes thru once per year cannot get up next to the fence. That Round Up does a good job except on Mesquit Trees and just like last year I had to cut the small branches down to ground level. Instead of walking a few blockes and around the corner, then those same blocks back to the house, I decided to use my ladder. One of the tools I brought with me when I moved.

Of course during all of this I had a lot of supervision. They also wanted to stay in the shade and because of that I found out for future bike rides, the 9:30am sun for them is too hot. While I was gone today, they were in the house crated or gated and none of them seemed to care. Heidi of course runs the house because she is the perfect house dog. Since I was able to climb up and over the fence without fall off the fence or the ladder I call this a successful project.
Henry was back in his favorite sleeping spot before lunch. I am not sure if he likes that space or is just getting into the head of the line for lunch a few hours later.
Someone let me know the posts they had looked at from 2018 had missing photos. They showed the file names I knoew it had to have something to do with the blog backup file I imported to this blog when I started over a couple of weeks ago. I forgot that back in late 2017 - most of 2019 I had imported posts and photos from my Wordpress blog that I was deleting at that time. Well guess what? Those images used on Wordpress still had Wordpress file names. I am now in the process of going back throug those years, one post at a time, to see which posts needs to have those same images added from the photos library I have on my comptuer.

Through this process I found a way to add all of my images at the same time, resize them and center them all at the  same time. I had forgot the process that was told by a Blooger tech ... I import those images while I am in the HTML side of the post. That makes things a lot easier to put a post together the way I do.
I finished editing all the posts in 2017. I am just now starting 2018 but since all the post did not come from Wordpress it will not take that long to correct the images. Another thing I found out while doing those edits, I don't like the freezing winter weather I was seeing in the photos I was adding. Some of the content said the windchill factor was -2°. Other photos that came up in my search with the same file number, shows the heat and humidity of those months of July and August back in "the tropics". 

The photos are fun to look at, brings back a lot of memories. I played "musical cars" so I could back the 1959 VW Single Cab out of the garage and take it for a spin. That consisted of nothing more than backing out the Tacoma and parking it at the curb. I keep having a spark plug wire pop off the spark plug on the single cab truck, thus lose a lot of power. I thought of using a pair of pliers to crimp that connector but decided to see of my local bike shop had the tool to do that. 

I did go to the VW garage in town. I stood there for five minutes watching one working on a car and the other at the desk writing an invoice. He looked at me and didn't say a word. So I left and found the tool I needed at the bicycle shop down the street. Now, lets see if it holds on the plug or not. 

For a change up today I used the Nikon D3200 for most of the photos before the ladder images. It had the older Tamron 18-200mm lens and I believe that takes better quality images than the D3500 with the new 50mm lens I had been using recently. The weed killing project images were taken with the iPhone. By noon, the hounds, the dog and I were taking our daily siesta. I guess I need them since I don't get a solid night of sleep with Heidi needing to go outside during the night. No work has been seen on the backyard rock project next door today. It will be interesting to see how long they stretch that out for such a small job. I hate seeing jobs like that. I like to start them and get them done.

I have fallen into a slight 'rut' and not exploring these great hikes in the area here in the "Wild West".


  1. Great photos and you are keeping busy like you always do, with the Wild West gang keeping you on schedule.

    1. There is a lot more to do around the yard and I will be a little more motivated with the cooler temps. I have some hikes planned also with the camera. Lots to blog about out here.

  2. That Henry sure looks to be filling out rather well. He is so cute, such a handsome little man... he has a new admirer you know. His bedroom wall has Henry plaster eye level to his bed. Today, he snatched one of my binders and decided he was going to make a "Henry Book" I suspect, my 3 ring hole puncher will get lifted in a day or two, and then most likely the lamination machine will need to be plugged in... and finally I will be sent to the office supply for lamination sheet for the Admirer to make "his personal Henry's Baby Book". LOL... he asks everyday "plz momma, I want a dog like Henry" Your hounds has been the best therapy ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing them.

    1. With Henry being so photogenic you might have to buy more binders or bigger ones. You're welcome. I know how much the hounds mean to him. He keeps me blogging and that keeps me taking more photos than I normally would.