September 28, 2020

What An Amazing Day - Never A Dull Moment

Leaving off from last night, this is what I saw when I was about to turn off the lights. Those are all normal nightly sleep positions. Later on they move to the floor of the bedroom or the hallway if it is too hot for them with the windows open. Lately it's been cool enough at night they find the sleeping bag to sleep on to be beneficial. Little did I know that today would be such a busy day and as I write this post it's not over yet. I continue to load photos in the 2019 posts and am still in the month of January which had a total of 56 59 posts and most of them with 20 photos or more.
There is a story at the bottom about my house in Indiana where I thought I was going to have to take it back and cancel the contract. After talking to the owner/buyer tonight on the phone he is closer than I was told of finishing the remodel and listing it for sale, like the original plan. So good news and happy I am not going to have a mess to fix 1700 miles away. He is sending me photos tomorrow of all the work he has done since I am not close enough to look at it myself, which was part of the contract.

So I guess the day continued to be amazing ... in a good way.

This view never gets old to start the day. While I was on the computer with an early start to blog editing, the house was just too quiet. When that happens you can bet all the money you have, that the two puppies are up to something. I found them outside this morning, barely seen from the patio. The plastic you see was a dead give away that they had been digging. Not a good sign. 

Sometimes your intuition is right no matter how much you don't want it to be. Facebook is very informative even if you are not on a person's friends list, especially if they post photos in the public mode. That led to some phone calls back to Indiana and my suspicions were confirmed. I'll not go into detail but it looks like I might own my home that I sold on contract last year. It's an amazing story. I think you will be flabbergasted when you read it. It's not what I wanted to happen but after last November, it's not a surprise. Yes, it's an ugly story and will cost a lot of money to fix.

During the times I'd take breaks from the computer or the phone calls, I stepped outside to see a hazy, a very hazy sky toward the mountains as time passed. No smell of smoke but I do know the air I see there 6-8 miles away is the air I am standing in. Weather app states the air quality is good with a score of 37 as I type this. Does that seem right??

I have had to cut back on portion size of Walter's kibble ... I'm not feeling any ribs on the sides of him. Just like his dad, he is getting huge and will not be 8 months old until next week, October 2nd.

After the lunch meal the "three judges" wanted to make sure that Henry was following housebreaking training where he pees or poops or both after every meal and every nap. Heidi couldn't watch and Walter was a pretty strict judge. Of course with a basset hound puppy sometimes you cannot tell if they are squatting to pee or just sitting down. Henry had passing grades btw.

Of course here in the hot southwest, a good siesta is always needed after an afternoon meal. As you can see the puppies and the other older hounds have adapted to the southwestern rules very well.
Speaking of that intuition above, I didn't follow it in May 2019 and that has put me in the situation I am in now. There are a lot of options on the table on how to handle this newly found asset. I am not sure yet what to do but I would prefer not to take a loss financially. I'll give you a hint, just one, so you will get an idea what I am dealing with.

Hint: All wood around the door ways, floor trim, and trim between ceiling and walls, stripped out. Air Conditioner taken out as well as the baseboard heaters in every room with plans of installing a new HVAC system inside. At least the old ceilings were replaced with new drywall throughout the house but were never painted. Stove and fridge removed. All flooring removed and partially replaced with vinyl plank. Funds no longer available to finish the remodel job where he was going to resell it. It sits empty with winter right around the corner and no heat system to set the temps at 55°.

Instead, last spring he met a local lady, that has 4 young kids to add to his 2 kids. Thus I found photos on his facebook account of him building a second story to her old house that will have 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms plus everything else remodeled in the older part of their house. Just as I suspected he has no plans to finish the house I sold him on contract which I confirmed today with two different phone calls. Nor does he have the money to buy the contract nor pay the difference owed to me, if he were to sell it as it looks.

Isn't that amazing?

So I have a house that has been tore apart on the inside thus cannot be rented or put it on the market to sell. I do have a contractor that wants to buy it as is at a very reduced price of course since there is so much work to do to bring it back to a livable house. Yet with that deal I would take over a 50% loss in this real estate deal. 

Maybe I'll get it fixed and keep it as a second home. Lots of options with no answers yet. So like I said yesterday ... the brain cells are spinning. It was funny what that title did for blog traffic.

No matter what though, at 88° and 13% humidity it was a fantastic day here in the "Wild West".


  1. Oh Steve, that sounds like a terrible mess. I would be losing a lot of sleep over that.

    1. I will be editing my post in red letters. Just got off the phone with him and he will be sending me photos tomorrow of all that has been done. He is getting ready to list it for sale in the next few months. Once he finishes the big house he is working on.

  2. Wow,the news about your house must have come as quite a shock .I hope you take a couple of days to absorb it, consider options, etc. before making any decisions.-Mary

    1. yes this is a duplicate from the above reply but wanted to answer you too.

      I will be editing my post in red letters. Just got off the phone with him and he will be sending me photos tomorrow of all that has been done. He is getting ready to list it for sale in the next few months. Once he finishes the big house he is working on.

    2. That's better news, no need to reply to this reply,too.-Mary

  3. Hoping that he is giving you the straight of it with regards to being able to sell it in the next few months. Always something!

    1. Actually I have my doubts. Hopefully the photos today will show he is telling the truth. The more I thought about what he said, things did not add up. We will see what happens today.

  4. Years ago (sometime in the 80's) my parents were selling a house in northern Michigan. In the process they ended up writing three consecutive land contracts with three different buyers on the thing, but in the end it all worked out. It just took a lot more time, and hassle along the way, than they expected.