September 25, 2020

Never Delete Blogs

It's not the first time I have transferred blogs from Blogger to Wordpress and vice versa. I haven't transferred lately but I forgot that I did back in 2017, where I ended up doing the same thing I have been doing the past two days. When transferring back to Blogger sometime in 2019, all of the photo files were on WordPress. When that blog was deleted, so were the image files that went with the posts that were transferred. When I deleted my blog a few weeks ago I forgot all about the work I did to reload the photos to each post that had come from Wordpress a year or so ago.

So as of a few hours ago I have finally made it back to the start of January 2019 and have to go through June 2019 then I'll be caught up. Believe me, I will never delete another blog no matter what. It can sit in the cloud forever if I am not using it. You'll see the hounds have followed their normal routine while I spend a lot of hours at the computer desk, going back through one post at a time.

What it has done is have me look at a lot of photos for the past three years. Some I had forgot about and some I can remember in so much detail it's like I am back in time taking the photo. Henry continues to get longer, his feet continue to get bigger and if he is exploring for food in the kitchen or wood in the backyard ... he's ears drag the floor or ground.

He does not know that I know he has a small piece of wood hiding in his jowls that he will start chewing as soon as he lays down.
Stella was able to get a little nap under the sun. It wasn't the puppies that woke her, the sun became too hot and she had to come inside. 91° at high altitude is a little hotter than at sea level.
Heidi gets her nails trimmed tonight as will the other three. I need to have them calm down a little from all the playing they have been doing and about the time the normally fall asleep. To be able to do it without the other dogs trying to get front and center as if they are missing something, I take each one at a time into the computer room and shut the door. Nails on the carpet are easier to vacuum up than chasing them over the tile floor.
I decided this afternoon once I finished 2018, I would take a break and go have lunch at The Diner. Always good. With the change in COVID rules by the Arizona governor, they went back to ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles from those small packets. We were still seated more than 6' apart. 
He always has an eye open, just in case there is food around.

With the cooler temps I hope to start walking Stella more in the morning. I'll leave the puppies in the backyard, Heidi gets the house or she can also walk with us if she wants. Sometimes she would rather stay home.

The funny thing is with the puppies, they can be playing at a 100mph and just like that they lay down and go to sleep.
I hope to get out for a hike tomorrow sometime. I know that until these posts are updated with their photos, that is all I am going to be doing. It's just the way I'm made I guess.

Another beautiful day here in the 'Wild West'.


  1. LOL, the Admirer is laughing at Henry posing for his photos. He has snatched 3 of my binders plus the one he uses for Winston, which is off limits by the way. We're not permitted to touch that one. I've ordered the lamination sheets they are $$$$... but the admirer is very much into his projects. I told in 13 more days we will start moving into the new house and he needs to pack up his room. He has all the Hounds memorabilia in a suitcase, and he is borrowing a padlock from me to keep them locked up so no body gets into them. He is very excited to be moving into his new home, and he will get a new project there. In the Kitchen with **** where he is going to be cooking with me. I have caved in so he will be getting a YouTube channel. Back to packing for me. Love the photos and love that little Henry.

    1. Henry really does like to pose for pictures. Sounds like you are heading into an exciting time for moving and also a busy time. Send me a link to the youtube channel after you have it set up. Henry is quite the crowd pleasure although has not been introduced on Facebook.

  2. I am headed to Concho, AZ in the White Mountains on 10/3....Concho is north of Show Low 50 miles or so...staying there 3 weeks or so then on over to the desert outside of Ehrenberg at exit 1 off I-10 for the winter.

    1. John....from Illinois...don't know why it posted as Unknown....

    2. Makes sense now. Sounds like a good trip and a winter home.