September 08, 2020

Henry's A Food Hog

We were up at oh dark thirty again this morning. It felt like the weeknd until I glanced up at the corner of my computer monitor and saw it was Tuesday not Saturday. After doing hardly anything yesterday I had some things I wanted to get done today. I had a short list of items to get at Home Depot for things I was going to do myself, as the "buyer" requested I have fixed. Looking at the list I knew for a fact I could do 6 of the 8 items myself. It reminded me of the maintenance I did back in 'the tropics' on the house the hounds and lived in.

Blogger is not playing nice tonight and I have 27 photos I want to add. Due to Blogger not cooperating, there isn't going to be much commentary.

Henry has decided he needs his food, any food that the other hounds leave, as if that would ever happen and he might get more food if he sleeps all afternoon next to or near the food containers.

TV weather said we would be getting smoke from the California fires as far south was we are. By about 1pm I could see the weather expert in Tucson was right.

Since one spot didn't work Henry moved a little closer to his food in the container.

As I was doing my small projects with a few trips to and from the garage, I saw three hounds sleeping but not four ... I finally found Henry in a new sleeping spot for him. He has many in this house after only 13 days of living here.

Spent a little time outside last night enjoying the shade plus giving Henry a chance to explore. Heidi and Stella continue to get double doses of their GlycoFlex for their joints but I think Stella is really having problems. No yelping or any sound when trying to get up or sit down but she looks too stiff. Walter and Henry continue to play a lot and sleep well at night.

With my small projects finished, I'll be riding the bike tomorrow morning, have the HVAC show up Thursday morning to clean the furnace and check the AC that sends out ice cold air every day. Not much else going on. I hope to get out with the camera for some hiking treks this week, since the temps are starting to cool down in the afternoons.

"Old Tombstone" just a section of town, opened recently for Labor Day and is closing again indefinitely due to COVID-19. In contrast to that ... the area I moved from in Indiana in June 2019 has had their schools open for three maybe four weeks and have been playing high school football for the past three weeks ... with no closures due to COVID-19. 

Well gotta go. Walter is panting to cool off ... Henry has jumped on a sleeping Heidi to get her awake and growling, then he ran and jumped on a sleeping Stella  ... he needs some attention.

A great day here in the 'Wild West'.

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