September 01, 2020

Henry Grew Up Today

Henry grew up today and it started at 4:56am as he ran down the hallway leading the pack outside for their first trip to start the day. He was squatting to pee about 3 feet in the yard while the others moved out to their spots further away. He attacked everybody, including me, at the back of our ankles if he could catch us. I caught him numerous times standing at the dog food container and once chewing at the bag I had left sitting out. He roamed the house on his own and went outside while others slept. He ruled the house today.

For the afternoons entertainment I bought a couple of different sizes of chew toys ... bullie sticks and beef trachea ... of course Henry wanted the larger one and took it away from Walter. Then Stella didn't want her large piece and wanted the smaller size which I had bought for Henry. By the end of the day they had all moved to the size intended for them. Even Heidi, with few teeth, had no problems with the smaller piece.

Blogger is acting up again so this post is the way it is ... for example I cannot get to the bottom of this post to write anything. So it is what it is .. all the photos are out of order, their choice. Somewhere in all the photos you will see a lot of last nights sleeping activity near the couch ... all that movement is the normal night here at the 'dog pound'.

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