September 04, 2020

Some Blogger Answers

I keep sending my questions and issues as instructed to Blogger "feedback" but have received no answers as of Friday morning. What I have found are answers on the forum. For bloggers wondering why Blogger is loading the photos the way they are, and not in the order you want ... it's because Blogger now loads the photos in alphabetical order based on your photo file name.

I had someone on the forum suggest that I change the file names and I tried a simple way of labeling them so they would show up in the order I wanted. The problem was, when I export the photos with those new file names to my folder on my iMac desktop where Blogger can upload them from ... Apple only uses the original file name once those photos are exported. So my new file names were not listed.

Blogger will not upload photos from Apple's Photo program, known in Windows as 'My Pictures', unless Windows have renamed their files in recent upgrades that I don't follow because I don't have Windows.

I did go into the post HTML and change the size of the photo but that blurred the photos. I did find out also a few days ago when my photos were loading the perfect size for my blog, Blogger had set their default to "X-Large". Of  course that does not work well on smart phones or even tablets and ALL OF THIS CHANGE that Blogger is doing is geared toward "Mobile Blogging" ... I will always blog from my desktop computer and NEVER from my phone. So they changed their photo default size back to "Medium".

I have found out this morning after playing around with a "test post" and following any instructions I am receiving on the forum, that I have two choices when it comes to the quality and size of my photos. It also affects the way they are loaded thus causing additional time that I don't have nor want to spend putting a post together. 

I can load the photos in batches, based on what I want to say about that one photo or a group of photos. After I have finished writing the post, I can go back and highlight each photo and click their + sign three different times to get the photo the size I want. Basically all I want is the width of the photo to be close to by not as wide as the area the blog post is written, like I have done for years.

Or I can go to Wordpress and choose a standard theme already designed to load and show my photos the width of the post without any adjustments. Some of you may have remembered how those blog theme's looked a couple of years ago when I did move everything to Wordpress. (Was that around December 2018??) Some people complained about me going back and forth between Blogger and Wordpress. I am guessing that most of the complainers were not bloggers, only readers. This time it is NOT my fault if I decide to move my blog because it's Blogger's new UI that is causing a move.

I have not decided yet what to do. I have played with Blogger a lot this morning to get a working solution and at this point in time, Blogger doesn't work for me. I have another Wordpress blog I set up a few weeks ago that was going to be my "photo blog". It has a modern design, nothing in order like a daily journal and crisp clear photos. Yet, the reason I left Wordpress years ago was I did not want to pay money for a blog just so I would have a bigger image library, where Blogger's image file is free and unlimited in size. Blogger also compresses their photos so they are not as sharp and clear as an original copy like a Wordpress Blog.

I might change the Wordpress theme to look more like you are use to seeing on this blog. Yet, an ex-blogger and friend reminded me on the phone this week ... "it's your blog, do what you want".

Any Blogger people out there experiencing the same frustrations I have complained about recently? If so, what did you do or what are you going to do as far as your blog is concerned?

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