September 15, 2020

No Drama Today

I wrote the title before I started this post. Now the only drama is the new Blogger design icons for images. The plus and minus signs to increase or decrease image size isn't there. They now have a small picture inside a bigger screen ... I clicked that by accident and saw the choices with image size. Also Blogger loaded all the photos in reverse !!!!! I am not going to take the time to load them one at a time in the order I want. I guess you will have to live with what is shown and the verbiage will not go with the image. Really, I was in a good mood today until I saw how the images were loaded. 

The last two days have been interesting with my house situation. My mistake to expect things to happen quickly. My mistake to expect a direct answer to some simple questions. I hate digging and prying answers out of people or their favorite ... interpreting what they are saying in an email or text. Monday I was told to expect some answers about my contract cancellations but that didn't happen, hmm directly. I had to get on the internet, research who to email my questions to.

My agent's answer was "I have turned everything in and the Zion house (the I was buying) is back on the market." She didn't answer my question about the status of my house. Simple one .. did they accept my cancelation or are they still wanting to buy the house"? cricketts ... no reply.

I went to bed Monday night feeling pretty good though. The seller had accepted my earnest money and put their house back on the market. I would not be involved with the "HOA Police"  at least. I had a friend do some interpreting of the emails and texts from my buyer and she thought it sounded as if they had accepted my request to cancel the contract to buy my house. The buyer told me she would get back to me soon at 4pm. She never did. By 9am this morning i decided to send a question to her to get some kinda clue what was taking place.

Evidently she did accept my request to cancel the purchase contract and was waiting on an invoice or a payment link to send me from her lender. So far, near the close of business today I have not heard anything. But that is okay because I know that she is not going to pursue the purchase but to walk away like the seller did. Yes, it's going to cost me quite a bit of money to break those two contracts ... so I will not be buying my next old logo'd VW bus for a while until I can save up what I wasted on the real estate fiasco I came up with. All my fault. It's good though and I am very happy that the hounds and the dog are staying here.

As you see so far the hounds and the dog haven't done much today and it was the same yesterday. They have free run of the house with the patio door open so they can go in and out as they please. Henry is the leader in going outside just to explore the backyard or to sleep, more than the others. The short time he has been here he has already claimed a few favorite sleeping spots.

It was a day of laundry and I am not sure if the sound of the dryer is putting Henry to sleep or keeping him awake.

Heidi is just heidi, in her own little world, scared of loud noises and prefers breakfast alone either in the computer room or the bedroom. For lunch it's always her normal spot, to the right of the water bowl that separates her and Stella's food bowls.

Walter always likes when he hears the word siesta.

Henry had picked up on the siesta idea too.

This photo shows it's either time for me to serve them lunch and I'm late or I am attempting to make a meal for myself.

One of his favorite spots to sleep ... he loves food by the way.

While spending some mid-day time out in the sunshine, Stella was sleeping in that shade. She heard me get up to get the camera I guess because she was standing looking at me when I returned. Yesterday on my hour and a half bike ride I left all for dogs outside. No signs of damage or escape ... only a nice spot dug through the rock to the Arizona clay where Stella was sleeping. I left it that way since we go back and forth ... she wins.

Not even 7am and the two puppies are at full speed ahead.

It's not that Heidi doesn't like outside, she just doesn't like outside when it's above 85°.

This view is worth every penny I wasted changing my mind about buying a house somewhere else. For some reason the neighborhood noise had decreased.

Oh ... those people that told me yesterday they would get back to me today ... did not. Not a word. Does something like that bother other people or is it just a personality flaw I have, which are many.

So things will have calmed down although nothing is official. I will not be paying the agency commission until I receive the payment link for the buyers inspection and appraisal that I offered to pay. At least the branch manager of the agency agreed with that yesterday afternoon right before the close of business. I'll wait to see how long it takes getting that link before I call the lender here in town.

In the meantime I am going to get plans together to repaint the patio floor where the paint before I moved in, did not stick. I am assuming they either didn't prime it or used interior paint on the patio concrete floor. I am also going to watch my neighbor later this week move 10,000 pounds (5 ton) of lawn rock one wheelbarrow at a time. He is getting it delivered for his backyard but dumped in the side yard. Not only is his doberman puppy a fence jumper, he is great at digging craters. 

I am also putting my ideas I collected over the past year together for a little backyard desert landscape design, not a lot but something besides the bare "prison yard" look. Actually I like the 'bland' look. 

Besides the news from the buyer telling me she would send me the link to reimburse her lender for the inspection and appraisal, the highlight of the day was a mid-day siesta with the AC on and the blinds drawn ... I'm thinking it's time for a large cheeseburger and a mug of beer at Big Nose Kate's in Tombstone as a semi-celebration.

Another fine few days here in the "Wild West".


  1. You do not have a personality flaw with regards to others following through on a promise. This absolute drives me crazy. Example: Having the exterior of the house painted and the crew was to be here yesterday at 7 AM. I was up and ready for them and by 8 AM they had not showed, so I called the office and the gal tells me they are having a rough start getting organized. Whatever that means! They finally arrived a little after 9 AM. The painter who owns the business has a excellent reputation and runs 6 crews on the mountain. Just don't get it. Love the puppy photos - so cute.

    1. I'm glad to here I am not alone expecting things on time or at least a call if something is held up or gone wrong. That rarely happens in today's world. Will your paint have a "smoke" texture to it? Not a joke, serious question. Henry is pretty photogenic and loves the camera and being outside. I think he is starting to figure out that him and Heidi are the same breed.

  2. One more 4-footed resident and you're going to have to install bunk-beds!

    The Wife and I are pretty sensitive to noise as well. Fortunately we have a reasonably isolated spot here, though it is annoying a couple times a year when the contractor is out there mowing the county road on the other side of the ridge.

    1. I might have to trade that bunk-bed for another sleeping bag. For some reason the two puppies love my "ex" sleeping bag. Yeah, the noise ... i was sitting out in the middle of the backyard last night (Tuesday) looking at the stars and that cool breeze from the south .. asking myself is a little noise and barking dogs really worth losing the view you witnessed and that southern sky? Nope ... I need to lighten up a little.