February 28, 2016

A Sunday Morning Hound Walk

The past few days I've noticed that Sadie is slowly changing their routine. It use to be all the hounds would go back to sleep after their breakfast and then around my 2nd cup of coffee, Sadie would come to my computer desk to let me know it was time for her and Stella to go outside. They would explore the field until I would go out to call them.

A few days ago, that same thing happened until they both got outside and then they just stood there looking at me. The didn't head to the field. With the weather a lot nicer and my camera in hand ... we took off for an early morning walk. Today we get outside and both hounds are standing right next to me at the corner of the house, after whining to go outside. I thought they wanted to walk so off we went.

The sun is out to start it's path to 65° weather today. Strong winds from the southwest and low energy from the hounds. Stella stopped a couple of times to see where Sadie and I were. Neither of them took off running like yesterday's afternoon walk. They walked together with noses to the ground and barely a trot anywhere.

I thought they might take off as we came closer to that slight right turn ... they didn't, they stayed together.

Stella ended up so far away at the other end of the brush line that when I turned around to get ready to take some running photos I didn't see her. Had she gone into the brush, or over the fence into the neighbor's field? As I yelled her name and the camera worked, she came into focus and started to run towards Stella and I. She was all the back to the corner of the field.

As we turned the corner of the path to head home ... no hounds. Both of them are in single file, walking slowly behind me. They were so close to me that I didn't have enough room to fit them into a photo with the 55mm-200mm zoom lens that was mounted on the camera. When I stepped aside for them to move in front of me .. they walked even slower.

Maybe they didn't really want to walk this morning ... who knows maybe they didn't even want to go back outside. It's going to be a beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. I can see those two things I didn't do yesterday getting finished today.

Stella always has an interest in motorcycles when she hears them driving by. In this photo she is not even close to the highway.

They finally walk in front of me and then stop until I catch up. It was one of the quietest and strangest walks we have been on.

Is there any tree more worthless than the Sycamore tree? What is their purpose?

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