February 01, 2016

It's Monday & It's Quiet

The hounds and I have been off to what feels like a slow start this morning, but things are getting done. I can’t believe it’s almost noon as I write this. I finally got a few ‘bugs’ worked out with the Firefox browser. It’s always been my browser of choice. A few years ago I started using a 3rd party password management program called LastPass. It will encrypt all the passwords that you use on the internet.

For the longest time Firefox and LastPass didn’t work well together … so I moved go Google Chrome.

I can say after a few days of switching to Firefox and with the LastPass ‘bugs’ worked out, I am really happy with the results. I have it set Firefox up to synchronize with my Firefox on my laptop … everything is working out great.

Before I ramble any further here are photos from this morning. I do know that photos of all the hounds are more interesting than my rambling.

After their normal morning activity … Stella ran full speed into Sadie wanting to play. I wasn’t able to catch the initial contact because I was picking up sticks in the yard but I heard the collision. I still find it strange that when they are outside, Sadie is always the one being ‘attacked’ on the bottom of the pile but it is reversed when they play inside.

Then just like that … in a split second … they stop and act like they haven’t done anything rough.

Soon after Sadie found a good stick to chew on while Stella roamed the field, to exercise her nose.

Stella was almost outside ‘her boundary’ but when I called her name, she came flying back into the yard. I can’t really describe that last photo besides just excess bloodhound skin in action.

I’ve spent most of my morning doing some online research, making lists, checking some of my spreadsheets … I have plans developing and that is always dangerous, in a joking way. For some reason the internet seems slow today. I’ve had some weird stuff going on with my older desktop computer whereas I can do the same task on my newer (less than 1 yr old) laptop without any issues.

The common fix seems to be digging deep into my operating system files, deleting a file called “cert8.db”, then rebooting the browser. That fixes the issues with error pages when loading a site.

Another thing this morning I am getting notices via the WordPress plugin I have that detects broken links in my blog. A lot of those are URLs for the photos I transferred inside the posts when I transferred from my free blog on WordPress just this past week. The photos worked before, some of them still work today and some will not load.

Is that happening on your computer when you load my blog or look at one of the pages listed inside the red banner at the top? Let me know if you are not seeing all the photos loading either in an older post or one of the pages listed inside the red banner.

I have also been very happy with my move not only to WordPress but also using DreamHost as my blog host. It’s a little more work than having a blog on the ‘free’ side of WordPress or Blogger but they make it very very easy to set up and manage.

For 16 years I’ve been buying the majority of my domains from GoDaddy but found DreamHost from a blog reader. The domains are a few dollars cheaper than what I paid at GoDaddy. Loading the WordPress blog was a 1-click installation. Their customer service is fast when answering questions via email and very knowledgeable if you choose to chat with a representative.

I had my new blog up and running in less than an hour. Most of that time was me customizing my template (theme).

Be sure to check out their hosting program, besides just buying a domain.

Well I am finished at 12:21pm typing this and no word from Stella yet that she would like to have lunch. I guess the playing outside made her and Sadie wore out because they are both sleeping right now.

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