February 01, 2016

Stella Continues To Do Well Unleashed

My thanks go out to blog readers, Bethers and Cat … they let me know after my first post this morning that all of my photos were not showing up on the pages I had transferred from the first WordPress blog. I think most of the problem is not the older blog posts but the pages in the red banner.

As I write this … those problems should be fixed since I spent most of the afternoon rebuilding the photo file here on WordPress by adding the photos directly from my hard drive. That of course gives the photos a new and updated file name when I updated the pages with those new photos.

We still had time for the afternoon daily hound walk. It may have been close to 60° but it felt a “cold” 60°, if that is possible in the ‘tropics’ on the first day of February.

While the 152 photos were uploading into the “media library”, I WOKE UP two bloodhounds, grabbed the camera and we took off for a walk. For some reason Heidi is boycotting all walks outside until the outside temperature reaches 70° … that should be a couple of months from now.

It was a strange walk.

Sadie spent the majority of time walking right beside me and Stella edged her boundaries out a little further by ignoring me more and more. At one time I thought it might be time to put her back on a leash. I didn’t carry it, so she was saved today.

She did come when I called her name eventually.

They had a slow start. They were waiting on me and I was waiting on them to move forward to start taking photos. Maybe the are starting to protest in their own way.

They finally moved down the brush/tree line together but it is not long before Stella falls way behind and goes into her first stage of ignoring me calling her name. She didn’t look happy as she ran toward me.

As they turned the corner … Sadie for some reason came back to my side walking slowly, too close for any photos with the 55-200mm lens. Stella headed for her favorite spot to the right … but today I decided not to let her go that way and called her … she veered left and followed the brush/tree line.

Her and Sadie decided they would team up on the ‘ignore game’.

As we made the turn to return home, they were back to waiting on me. Ten acres of field to walk in and Stella has to walk in front of me … slower than slow … her normal pace. She always walks in slow motion dragging her paws if she is not playing or running. When I would stop to let them walk ahead … they would stop.  LOL

Like I said … it was a strange walk today for the hounds. At least the sun was out and a LOT warmer than normal for February 1 here in the ‘tropics’ of Southern Indiana.

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