February 23, 2016

Heidi Was More Active Today

Less than 24 hours after Heidi had her 20 minute soak in warm water and Epsom Salts, she seems more active. I have not done this on a regular basis because each time the skin on her legs and paws look irritated with redness. A lot more redness than what was there (none) before the soak. I don't think I will give her those soaks with Epsom Salts again.

Yet, she has been a lot more active inside and outside since her bath and nail trim. She's back to doing her sprinting around the inside of the house and spent more time being social with the bloodhounds. After lunch today she went outside and toward the backyard on her own, she usually heads to the front yard. I thought there was a chance she was going to spend an hour or so in the sun, but she turned right around and headed for the warm concrete floor in the carport.

Stella in the meantime had been pushing her nose on the door knob inside to let me know she wanted out. It didn't take more than a step into the yard when she decided it was the perfect time for a short pre-walk nap.

Sadie convinced her they needed to walk. I decided I would only take photos of "highlights" during the walk today ... as you can see there were no highlights.

Approaching the house I thought I might see Heidi laying in the backyard. When she wasn't on the carport where we left her, I thought she had moved to the door while waiting for us to return. She wasn't there either. I glanced out front and didn't see her ... but she never runs away. As I walked out to the front yard, I see her on the other side soaking up some sun.

I wonder what happened to her reputation she came with from the rescue service ... "must be leashed at all times" or "she is a runner" ... but that was more than 4 years ago. I guess that shows she likes living here. She has never stepped a foot in the direction of the highway ... still, I don't leave her out there alone like this, at least in the front yard.

As you can tell from the sunshine, it was another great day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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