February 27, 2016

It Was Still A Good Saturday

Remember that list of two things I was going to do today? I didn't do either one!!! It was too cold for what I liked to be working outside. So move that list to tomorrow where the temps should move above 60. It was still a good day ... sunny, cool, some reading, some music and a 2nd hound walk.

I spent quite a few hours looking at property like I do on occasion, usually when I am cold. So I looked at houses for sale in places where I use to live like Oak Harbor WA, Coupeville WA ... both on Whidbey Island, and then the local town I live in (my house would sell fast). For a laugh at prices I checked Carlsbad CA ... then I spread my search out to areas I've thought of moving to ... AZ, NM, UT, CO ... a lot of the houses I've saved are still on the market and have been for a pretty long time.

Heidi made it outside for lunch but not long ... she has a firm 70° threshold to stay out longer than 5 minutes. Sadie and Stella were not too energetic after lunch.

I started my music marathon around 1pm. It was some people I had not listened to in a while ... like Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, Steve Earle and Lyle Lovett. The volume was loud but the hounds slept through all of it. Once they woke up a few hours later, they were ready for a walk.

Strange, but it did look like the grass got greener this afternoon ... that's a good sign.

Right from the start both hounds ran out in front of me and spent most of their time in front of me and a couple of times going just a little outside their boundaries. Still they came when called so everything was good.

You have to be flexible in retirement, especially living in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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