February 08, 2016

Indiana Weather Can Change Fast

Although I made a comment yesterday wondering if 'the tropics' would experience any winter weather this year, I knew it was suppose to snow today or Tuesday. It's only going to be around an inch when it stops this afternoon. So that's not really winter weather here.

As you can see from the photos taken around 1pm today, the hounds and I will not be doing too much more than we have been so far today.

I've been reading books, drinking coffee, reading the internet, playing Mahjong on the computer, and something different today ... I turned the tv on. It didn't stay on for long. In the meantime Sadie and I played a short game of fetch. Then Stella and Sadie played semi-slow today. In this photo you can see that Stella feels as long as she lays on Sadie's legs, the she can't go anywhere.

They didn't do much earlier this morning before snow started around noon. It will not amount to much besides ground cover.

They will spend most of the day sleeping ... not sure about the afternoon walk at this time ... it could be a "game time" decision. Of course Heidi is catching up on her sleep. She has nothing to do with bad weather.

Short post today from 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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