July 27, 2018

A Beautiful But Confusing Day

With the overnight temps dropping into the high 50's it was perfect sleeping weather with all the windows open. It was so perfect that all four of us overslept and from the start, the daily routine seemed confused. One thing I was not confused about was just how beautiful today was ... no AC, windows open throughout the day and a fairly strong breeze moving through the house from the south end.

With Stella having a snack of tall wet green grass, she had a little added bounce to her step this morning. I even caught her trotting around the first turn. We spent a lot of time outside today doing a lot of nothing, as you see in the last photos.

The local tv weatherman said last night the first two weeks of August would be cooler than normal so these great weather will continue the next few weeks here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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