July 26, 2018

Another Great Day For The Hounds

After lunch today we spent some time sitting outside. I could feel it was getting really hot and knew the hounds wouldn't stay outside to long. Stella couldn't decide whether to take a nap or go back inside. Her answer is shown below. Even with the window shades closed the AC was still working overtime this afternoon. As a test I turned it off and within 30 minutes the temperature inside the house increased by 6°, just a little before 1pm.

I fast forwarded through today's stage of the Tour de France. I thought of taking a drive somewhere but couldn't decide where to go. I thought about reading but didn't complete a page. I was hungry for lunch but couldn't decide what to eat. I guess it's one of those days for Stella and I, trying to decide what we want to do, with no answer.

After lunch photos are below.

I am going to go against what I read a month of so ago in that DYI article. I am not going to wait for low humidity. Right after the hound walk on Monday morning I will start on my long list of 'to do'. I am feeling motivated enough that I might not wait that long. The TOF is over Sunday morning so my mornings will be free when the temps are cooler.

It will be another night of baseball games on tv tonight.

August is just a few days away here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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