July 16, 2018

The Hounds Start a New Week ... But Who's Counting?

All the rain in Sunday's forecast never arrived. It did not rain a drop. So with lower percentages for this afternoon and tonight I don't feel real confident we will get the rain we need. It wasn't soon after the sun tried to come up that all the white flowers were back today. I saw a few in different parts of the field. Most things I did today was inside and although it seemed pretty slow, time passed faster than ever.

Sadie's lump felt no different this morning, except a little smaller. Every time I tried to get a photo of her right side, she would move.  LOL

A few steps outside this morning I decided I was going to let Stella do what she wanted. She started the walk like she has the past few weeks, starting on the path and then slowly veering left.

Looking at her I was sure she was headed to the woods. I stood and watched as she stopped walking, looked in the direction of the neighbors backyard then turned right and started walking toward our path. I was in total shock, speechless.

I gave her a few pats on the head and some positive praise as she walked closer to me. She is not in that LOL ... she kept walk right past me ... acting like I was in her way.

She made a left onto our path and started her walk along the edge of the field.

Once Sadie got ahead of her, she glanced back at Stella to see if she was going to have a partner to explore with or was this going to be another solo walk. Sadie has never liked waiting too much for anyone.

Overcast, not really hot but really muggy ... it felt like rain was right around the corner this morning. By lunch that would all change to bright sunshine and the thought of rain was just a rumor.

I tried to sneak on the left so I could take a picture of Sadie's right side but she caught me ... and started running toward me.

A lot of the times Stella likes to follow last summer's ATV path that is now grown over. I can tell by the way she is hanging her mouth that it's hot. She might pick her pace up to get back to the house for some air conditioning relief.

I tried some different things today as far as focus, cropping and settings of 'single point' and 'auto focus area'.

If I had a Facebook account this is a photo I would have posted for some friends to see that don't read the blog. I don't miss Facebook and it's now been over a month since I deleted my account. I also changed to DuckDuckGo for my search engine and only use my gmail account to log into this blog.

Every morning walk, Sadie will get some running in.

Stella sticks with one pace, no running and very little trotting if any at all anymore. Last week when I asked, the vet did not feel anything abnormal with her hips and Stella did not show any signs there was soreness in that area.

The butterflies are slowing coming back ... not a lot of them yet but I'll be taking photos of them when I see them. I see most of them on our afternoon walks.

I looked these up on google search last year and named them in a blog post. I can't remember the the names but do know this is the first 'orange' we have had this year in the field.

Stella didn't stop to scratch herself this morning. She walked without stopping straight to the door ... she was hot and wanted her air conditioned room to sleep in.

This is about as far as Heidi went today after lunch. Of course Sadie had to run over and check to see if she was okay and what she had been sniffing. You never know, it might be food.

When I asked Heidi if she wanted to go for a walk (already knew the answer), she trotted to the door to go inside. She jumped on the couch from a sprint and was asleep within 10 minutes.

I ended up buying a $99 Audio Technica turntable the other day. I was guessing my ears at this stage of life would not be able to tell the difference between a $99 stylus and a $499 stylus. The vinyl LPs are old but are sounding great. Some of them have not been played in over 25 years, just sitting on the shelf.

I did buy the 55" TV. I did have it setup and operational by 3:58pm Saturday with the Reds game starting at 4:15pm. That was after a 45 minute drive each way. I am slowly getting the picture the way I like it with adjustments that are available. I am glad that someone stated on their customer review, the tv would need to be adjusted because the picture "out of the box" was terrible. In fact it was scary how poor the quality was when it was first turned on.

I watched a Blu-Ray DVD last night, so that is hooked up correctly since I had a picture and sound. You would not believe how many people on forums are looking for either a picture or the sound when they hook their tv up.

I was able to check the picture for any changes by setting 7' and then 10' from me. No matter what the distance will be, it will not miss the flying drool that Stella spreads sometimes before I can ask her to move or stop her. I think bloodhound drool could peel paint if I didn't clean up soon after I see it. I also saw signs where she had licked the new remote control for the stereo receiver.

Needless to say ... the bloodhounds are so different than basset hounds.  Entirely different.

For those that use to get emails as soon as I posted a new blog post, something is wrong with that feature on this blog. It's not Blogger because this morning I typed in my own email address in the settings of my private blog and got the invite to accept and get my new blog posts immediately after I saved my settings. I did a one line test blog post and got that in my inbox in less than a minute ... but not on this blog.

I have relisted all of your email address that use to have that and asked for you to get back to me and let me know when you received the invite. So far one reader has replied that they have not received the email and it's been over 6 hours. When I added my email I received the invite email as soon as I saved my blog settings.

Something is going on with Blogger in the background.

With no baseball games tonight I'll probably be in the movie mode. Once the hounds wake up, the bloodhounds and I will go for our afternoon walk.I'll ask Heidi if she wants to go but for some reason ... she has zero interest. I might have to carry her to the field and go on a walk with just her to see if that makes a difference.

Checking the weather radar there is not a storm cloud within 200 miles west of me ... so no rain today.

All is good though here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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