October 27, 2015

A Day Of Coffee & Books

It was bound to happen. All of that great sunny weather finally disappeared and today was a dark overcast day with light rain most of the morning and afternoon. It felt like a fall day back on Whidbey Island, that also use to turn into a day of coffee and reading books.

The hounds were only outside each time to dump their tanks. Heidi ran outside and back inside so fast the Nikon D3200 didn't have time to even auto focus for her photo.

The weather today should be the same tomorrow if all the weather experts have read the radar correctly. It was one reason I raked leaves yesterday. Both Sadie and Stella stopped at the edge of the carport once they realized it was raining, hesitating whether to go in the yard. They went but not for long before heading back to the house.

It wasn't must different for the hounds in the afternoon. Winston decided to show up but he missed the morning trip due to being in a deep sleep. He is getting ready for winter.

I took a short trip to the town library to pick up a book I had ordered from a different library in their state library system online. It was here in the morning of the 2nd work day, ready for me to pick up. Driving the FJ to town in the light rain washed off the dirt/dust that gathers from being parked in the carport, surrounded by fields.

Back to my book reading, a fresh cup of coffee until the first game of the World Series comes on tonight.

A wet day in "the tropics".

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