October 07, 2015

Even The Hounds Have Low Energy

It must have been wishful thinking when I put that title on yesterday's blog post. I glanced through some photographs dated last October and things were not finished until the end of October. So I'll probably have one more cut on the yard before I put it away for the winter.

The hounds must be in a 'low energy' mode this week. They didn't do much as far as adding photos to this blog today. We took a walk earlier in the afternoon, with Heidi deciding to join us.

I didn't have the motivation to rake the yard. I almost started later in the afternoon but decided to prepare dinner early so that took me away from any yard work. Speaking of yard work, the weeds in the gravel driveway are coming back ... I'll not be on my hands and knees pulling them again.

Someone was saying today that the lack of color in the leaves this fall is from all the rain we received this spring and early summer. By this time last year there were a lot of bright colors along the driveway and the same trees that are in these photos. I don't see the bright colors happening this year.

Here is an updated photo of that buried animal holder for the tethered rope I have used for years. I mentioned before that the only way this comes out of the ground is with the help of a vehicle or a tractor pulling it up.

I'll leave some photos we took today but we did absolutely nothing again today. We will be watching the Cubs - Pirates baseball game tonight. I'm a Cincinnati Reds fan but will be watching Kyle Schwarber on the Cubs. He was playing at IU just two years ago. I am a baseball fan but don't watch every game due to the number of games in a season, but it is really enjoyable watching playoff baseball especially in a one game playoff ... you either win or go home until next season.

That's about all there was going on today in "the tropics" today. Retirement life is great!!

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