October 28, 2015

Where Did All My Photos Go???

Well at least as I write this post I now know where all the missing photos went and possibly how I can get them back. About an hour ago I had no idea where the photos went that were posted on posts from July 2014 all the way back to the start of my blog in October 2011.

I remember last August I ran into a similar problem of photos disappearing but found the reason was deleting my Google + account, one that I had for a short time. Well I have a LOT of work to do IF my idea does not work.

A few weeks ago due to finally getting tired of all the spam, I deleted my home Gmail account. I had used that account for many years. I just remembered as I started this post, I used that home email account to start this blog and as my profile in October 201. I later changed my blogger profile to the one I have now with the "houndsnrvs" email account.

So ... when I deleted that account, I did not know I was also deleting all the photos that I have posted for the first 3 years of the blog.

With the recent Google changes on recovery of old email addresses, all I need to do is log into the old account. After a period of time that account will be updated.

Will that also update those photos back into my blog?  I don't know that it will.

The 2nd option is a slow process and that is going back to all of those posts and if I right click my mouse on that missing photo and do a "save as" on that photo it will show the file name of that photo so I know which photo to reload using my current profile. A profile that I have had for a few years.

It will take a long time to reload all of those photos, looking up the file name one at a time. Then going to my hard drive to find that photo, and export it to the file. Before doing that I will check the Picasa Photo file that blogger uses for all the photos posted and see if those missing photos are still in the Picasa program.

I really wasn't looking for this type of work to do. Yet, I wanted to keep this blog as a journal, as a reference for me and other readers ... so it will have to be something I will have to do, rebuild the missing photos.

I will start rebuilding the most popular blog posts that are listed on the right side of the blog. A reader emailed me telling me all of the photos of the Lil Snoozy Trailer were missing. That is how I found out I had the problem and then looking back through older posts showed me I had a major problem.

It wasn't until I downloaded my camera tonight that I found I only had one photo of the hounds today. One of Stella with a look on her face that really shows what she and the other hounds felt about the weather today. It was rain, wind and them more rain and wind. Consequently they only went outside to dump their tanks and then sprinted back to the house.

The time the hounds went outside today it was pouring rain, so I didn't take the camera outside when they were trying to stay dry.

Well the World Series is on the tv in the background. I can see the large tv screen if I roll my desk chair back a little and look through a couple of rooms. I need to get started on the photo rebuild.

What is today? Tuesday? Wednesday? ... life is tough at times being retired, especially in the "rainy tropics" of southern Indiana.

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