October 29, 2015

Fall Is In The Air

I guess it's expected when you stay up until 3:30am or a little after and then get up to let the hounds outside for their first trip in the morning at 7:30am ...  things could be a little foggy until that first cup of coffee hits the bloodstream. Why not go back to bed? Tried that but couldn't get back to sleep, so the hounds and I were up for the day.

I forgot to mention last night while I was working replacing the photos, around 1am the wind became so strong and loud, it made me get up and go outside just to see what was taking place. With leaves blowing across the drive from the NW, I was hoping I would wake up today with a yard "cleaned" of leaves. Not quite.

They blew off the large sycamore tree. They blew off the small saplings along the end of the drive. But there were plenty of them blown up along the house that will expect me to come outside a rake them for a final time. Of course Winston had to walk through the stack just to check how deep they were. Just like that, after a day of rain and wind what little color was there ... was gone.

Even though it was 46° by the time we hit the streets, Heidi decided to make her appearance to check out and see for herself if it was as cold as rumored. It might be hard to tell from the photos but Heidi is starting to gain weight. From the "feel" I think it's enough to stop by the vet to use their scales just to check how many pounds she has gained recently.

Stella and Sadie started a little search on their field but Sadie was more interested in some playing. With Stella out in the field, Sadie's nose picked up her location. Stella didn't know that as she ran back into the yard Sadie had a running head start toward her and was planning to meet her head on to start the wrestling session.

After some good kibble for lunch, some napping, they came out for a late afternoon break. Even with the damp ground and cool winds, it didn't take long for Stella to find her spot for the day and lay down to enjoy the breeze from the SW.

Life is good in the land of hounds.

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