October 02, 2015

The Hounds Play & Some Reading

Friday was another day of 'not much happening' ... did a lot of reading, books and online. I checked out some new features of the new Apple OS and had to reset some email settings so my gmail accounts would work well with Apple Mail. After a full day of using Safari as a browser, I changed my default browser from Google Chrome to Safari ... I could tell a major difference after the update.

It was cool temps outside and high winds. That meant I had to add a sweatshirt while still wearing my summer combo of cargo shorts and t-shirts. I have closed most of the windows in the house since there was a chill in the air.

The basset hounds slept all day mixed in my old blanket. Winston likes to be completely covered up and Heidi only to her head. They have slept every minute today and tonight that was not spent eating or going outside. They did not even go outside when Sadie and Stella went.

The bloodhounds on the other hand started a little gentle playing inside ... by the time Stella was doing sprints around the living room I decided it was time to take the pair outside, high winds and all, to let them burn off some energy. We did the daily walk through a light drizzle but the field was loaded with deer scent and the hounds loved it.

It feels like fall is on the way but I noticed on the 10-day forecast that it will be high 70's and a day of 80° next week.

They are quite the pair ... just like I expected.

Stella has the bright red collar with black on her tail.

This is the last white flower in the 10 acre field

A weekend of football is the normal schedule starting tomorrow ... I wonder if I can get groceries delivered to my house here in "the tropics" of southern Indiana?

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