October 12, 2015

Ballgames Make Me Hibernate

With all of these MLB playoff games on tv at the same time as NFL and College football it's hard to see all of them of course. The college football games I'll sit on the couch and watch every play, game after game. The MLB games I'll have on tv in the background but will go outside at times, take the hounds for a walk but will always sit and watch when there is some sort of action going on.

This past weekend, including today, about all I have done is sleep, eat, watch games, walk the hounds and take just a few photos of them. With that type of schedule there is really not much to blog about.

Here are some photos of the hounds Saturday and Sunday.

Heidi decided to get out of the house Saturday morning. Her skin continue to look better, yet by 8pm at night there is enough redness you wonder if something inside the house is the cause of her allergies.  By the first thing the next morning her skin looks great. She sat outside for almost an hour by herself, in the sunshine on Saturday.

Sadie and Stella play quietly in the house, almost in slow motion ... yet when they get outside it was full speed. They seemed to have their seating figured out this past weekend and understood that no matter what ... I was allowed my seat on the couch.

Winston didn't do much besides telling me he wanted to go outside about a million times per day. He would spend most of this time laying in the sunshine when outside and would sleep every minute he was inside.

Back to the baseball game and a Monday Night Football game. Great weather today here in "the tropics" ... cool, windy enough some of my tree leaves were blown out of the yard.

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