October 21, 2015

Summer Still Trying To Hang On

High energy right there
Even though the overnight temps are in the 40's and 50's ... daytime temps have been perfect here in the tropics. These next few days we will see high 70's and one day in the 80's. Because of that I put the jeans back in the closet and pulled out the summer cargo shorts and a t-shirt. I'll help all I can to keep summer around.

Those three things I listed on Monday that I planned to do ... never got started, except I did run out to replenish my coffee supply. Priorities right? With the simplest of tasks not getting started you can tell this has been a pretty laidback week so far.

The hounds played a little but not a lot. Winston has already started his winter hibernation activity ... a lot of sleeping. When they have come outside this week, they are mostly in the search and destroy mode. As you can see the frost last weekend killed a lot of the wild flowers in the field.

Heidi, that's normal for her. It's only been a few days since I changed her food back to include rice, barley ... all the good grains. I actually think I can see a little weight gain around her ribs. If so that is great news.

With the change from "no grain" dog food, her skin rash has not increased. In fact since I started adding the Probiotic Miracle to her food a few weeks ago, her skin has continued to improve and at the least has stabilized.

That tells me what I always thought, what my last vet thought back in February ... her skin problem is caused by environmental allergies, and is not a food allergy. I just hope these next 6-10 months she can regain her weight that was lost this past spring and summer.

Sadie and Stella had a short burst of energy this morning, but it didn't last long and within minutes after coming back inside, they were both in a deep sleep. Their inner clocks will get them up around 12:30pm, and they will let me know it's time to eat. Stella is doing more and more begging for food and is quite jealous in the attention department. She will do anything, anywhere, to get between me and Sadie when I am petting her.

I thought a few weeks ago I had mowed the yard for the last time. I had lowered my mower the next level which was a mistake. I've done that before and said it was a mistake. So today I am going to mow again, raising the blade back to the higher level. I have some grass in different spots that need mowing, plus it will mulch what leaves are on the ground.

I am still thinking about if I am going to leave for the winter this year. I have to admit, some days the urge to travel is there and some days it's not. Single digit temps later on may make that decision much clearer.

That's about all from "the tropics" today.

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