March 10, 2016

A Quite Rainy Day

I actually enjoy days like this if they don't happen often. It's warm enough to have all the windows open, you can hear the birds talking and a light rain in the background. It's been a steady very light rain all morning, so a lot has not been done outside. The hounds sleep, I read the internet, play Mahjong or try to finish the book Area 51.

We didn't do much after their lunch. I had to make a trip to Bloomington and that was going to test Stella the 3-4 hours that I would be gone. They wanted to check the work I did yesterday clearing that small section of yard, sniff the field a little and then come inside.

Since I was going to be gone for 3-4 hours, I decided I would load up the Kong balls/bones with treats. They would be able to smell the treats but not get them out of the Kong balls. With the Kong bones, after a lot of work, they would be able to get the treats out to eat. I thought that would give Stella plenty of time to work at something besides her separation anxiety destruction.

I am not sure if those were shared between the two bloodhounds but I could tell by where they were when I got back, they were the main focus of activity. I didn't see any kind of damage when I returned home.

For her own protection, I always move Heidi and let her have the run of the house. About the only movement she has I think is from the chair she sleeps in and the water bowl. I am not sure if it is the supplement the vet gave me called Hera A Spike but her eyes have really improved this week, plus she has been a little more active. She is still scratching at an obsessive pace at times, but over all her skin color is normal and less irritation on her back paws and legs.

With her and the bloodhounds eating the Fromm For Large Breeds kibble, 2.06 pounds per day are consumed. I have been feeding Heidi the same amount of food as Stella gets to eat. I think she would even eat more if I poured it out into her bowl. In fact I don't think she would ever stop eating. With the new supplement the vet gave me to give her, I will take Heidi back in 30 days just to get her weighed and see if there is any gain.

As long as it is raining there will not be many photos the next few days. Along with college basketball getting into their conference tournaments and then the NCAA tournament ... my days and nights will be and have been shortened to from the time I wake up until noon. After that it is nothing but basketball games on tv, fitting in some meals in between or during games and a hound walk once the ground dries out. After a few weeks as the number of teams still playing decreases, then I will have days available but not nights. That is the way it is for a sports addict that loves college basketball in the month of March.

That will make no difference to the hounds schedule. They will not be neglected but will do their normal routine, whether there are games going on or not  .... sleep, eat, sleep, eat and walk when the ground is dry.

This morning Sadie checking to see if she wants to step out into the light rain or not. They don't mind the rain but she always checks before walking out into the rain. As far as Heidi, she will run immediately behind the Yews in front and stay under the roof overhang to stay dry. She is strictly a sunny and at least 70° basset hound.

After Sadie and Stella moved out into the yard, they didn't have a lot of motivation to take off in the field, and it wasn't long before they turned and started walking back toward the house. Rainy days bring decreased activity.

With the rain and not much going on here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana the hounds and I may take a 'mini' vacation from blogging. At least until it stops raining in a few days and the grounds dry out. Thanks for stopping by to read the blog and check the photos of the hounds.

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