March 25, 2016

Sadie's Afternoon Game Of Fetch

Needless to say after Friday morning's excitement around noon with their workout of chasing the deer, the rest of the day for the hounds was anti-climatic. The hounds were fed, they napped, they did nothing ... remember they are retired, just like me. I started the afternoon walk aware this time. I made sure I had the right lens attached (200mm), I put the 6' standard leash in my back pocket in case I needed it and I looked ahead to make sure the coast was clear.

After Stella finally caught up with me and Sadie, she immediately started tracking the path of the deer this morning and was heading for the 'no fly zone'. I called her, she stopped and I put the leash on her .... just for a short distance. After I unleashed her, she stayed in front of me most of the way home.

I needed to wrap up some laundry I had been doing, plus finish some games of Mahjong ... all with the purpose of "wasting time" until my IU game comes on at 10pm. The game before starts a little after 7pm, which I planned on watching so I am basically trying to find anything to waste time until the games come on.

The day turned out to be so nice that I decided it was time to play some fetch with Sadie ... she loves it ... Stella has no interest, at least not fetching balls or bones. I hear that Frisbee is her specialty.

I feel fortunate that everything worked out for Stella and Sadie, before - during - and after the deer chase. I was relieved I didn't have a long trip trying to find them once they got away this morning. Probably good that Sadie is a little older and Stella seems to like staying nearby.

Another night of March Madness and all is good here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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