March 01, 2016

Rain - Dog Food - Rambling

Yesterday after lunch turned into more lazy time ... for me and the hounds. Heidi made it outside after lunch and after her Epsom Salts soak. I did something different after the soak. Instead of shampooing those areas of bare skin or spots with little hair, I only rinsed those areas with water. What a difference that made.

Whereas before when using the shampoo at the end of the soak and then her skin being right red, possibly irritated for a day ... her skin yesterday was normal skin color soon after she dried. There is new hair trying to grow on the sides of her stomach, that was much more evident yesterday than last week. Plus her energy level is way up ... I take that as a sign she is feeling much better. Nails were trimmed as I am trying to get them shorter with weekly trims.

The bloodhounds didn't do much either. They slept a lot even with great weather outside. I am not sure why but the urge for a siesta hit me mid afternoon and that led to a 4 hour deep sleep. I slept the sunshine away. That has been the trend for the past 7-9 days ... a daily siesta. I'm retired, I'll go with it.

Consequently there were not a lot of photography taking place yesterday afternoon.

Today we were up about an hour earlier than normal. It gave me time to take a few photos before it started to rain. It's early but from the way it looks early this morning, the weather radar, the forecast and the rumble of thunder I just heard .. it looks like both walks will be rained out today.

Soon after taking those photos big drops of rain started coming down ... the hounds still wanted to stay outside ... "milk bone" gave them the initiative to head home.

I am going to be checking out eBay today. For about 5 years I was a full-time eBay seller, with 3 of those years working at home. I can't really remember the last time I listed anything for sale, it's been years. So with the rain starting to lightly fall, it will give me a chance to read about any changes on how eBay operates. I do see that a lot of the sellers I followed are no longer on eBay.

Basically I have some stuff to get rid of that should sell. I won't list everything here, most of it is garage sale type stuff. With my location on this high speed highway it would not be safe to have a yard sale. I like selling online better, although I will not use Craig's List. I've rarely had any luck selling there, plus I am not a fan of having strangers at the house. Selling on eBay is better and I always use USPS Priority Mail for shipping, unless I have something heavy.

After 9 months being on a personally designed Paleo Diet ... basically all fresh veggies, fruits, chicken, fish and beef .. with coffee and sugar being the only packaged food ... I started thinking at the urging of a couple of friends, to go vegan. I was a strict vegetarian in my 20's and had many friends on the vegan diet. They never looked really healthy to me. During that time I continued to eat fish, chicken .. I guess they were calling it "lacto-vegetarian" then.

I have stabilized my weight on the Paleo Diet, after losing 20 pounds. I've felt much better right from the start, than when I did using the diet suggested by Dr. Fuhrman. There was no meat in that diet but I was finding that grains, beans, even certain fruit was giving me bad cases of indigestion. The Paleo Diet effect was immediate ... I was no longer living on Tums anti-acid tablets. It was hard to adjust to lower carbs and more fat. Even eating beef again on a regular basis was an adjustment ... but I felt much better with no acid-reflux issues. I also wasn't hungry all the time on the new diet.

So, being inside most of the day today I will review some different diets ... if I change I'll probably move to the "Mediterranean" diet.

As far as the diet for the hounds ... huge difference in changing Sadie and Stella from Diamond Naturals for Large Breeds to Fromm for Large Breeds. Both of their coats went from very soft to softer. Both of their energy levels increased. Sadie stopped licking her leg obsessively and no longer sprints to the field at night to eat grass. Stella did not have any digestive issues.

I know that I said I was going to keep Heidi on the Earthborn but when she finished her bag of food last week I put her on the same food as the bloodhounds were using. I am hoping the grains and other carbs will help her gain some of her weight back. The strange thing is, Heidi 's skin has had NO reaction to eating grains. That was the main reason for moving her to a grain-free food in past years. So I think for a while that is the direction we are going to go, giving her the same food as the bloodhounds are eating.

As far as the Mini Cooper -- headed to the local mechanic for oil change, possible repairs after they get the drain plug off and a 3 week waiting list, as always with him. Biz is good in small town USA. As far as the FJ ... funny way of thinking, easy to get under the FJ, easy to change the oil but it's cheap ($30) to have it done, so I'll take it in.

Oh, while it is raining today I may start my research or go back through my previous research about cameras. I can find some of that documented right here on this blog. Blogging makes it easy to find information, although I did actually find a pdf file on Sunday in a file on my computer, inside a folder called 'Mini Cooper'. I know that doesn't sound like to much happened there but I seem to remember not only at home but at work ... it was always the file you or someone was looking for on a computer that couldn't be found ... it was always hard to find.

Work? ... I don't miss that one iota.

As you can see if you made it this far ... there will not be a lot of outdoor activity here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today. The thunder is rumbling loud and the skies are really dark ... it has the feel of April today.

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