March 29, 2016

Heidi Spends Time Outside

The day kept getting better as it went along. The hounds had an early lunch and with the weather so nice we went straight into the walk. As you can see Stella was anxious to get started.

They each put their noses to the ground and we were off.

If you look close in the next picture you can see what kind of drop off there is just on the other side of that ridge. I'd like to get back in there to take a better photo but the hounds would follow me and once they did that, they would do it in the future on their own. I don't want them that far into the brush.

The closer we got to the corner where we veer right, the wind was picking up and when we turned that corner it was a strong wind blowing into our faces from the NE. The hounds lifted their noses and took off, just like that they were heading toward that back field. I scanned the horizon and didn't see any kind of deer activity. The definitely picked up a scent with the strong wind blowing into their face.

Sadie made a left hand turn in the far back of the field and followed the bush line in a fast trot, acting like she had found a strong scent. Stella didn't want to be left behind and started running to catch us. Then again, she may just like lagging behind so she can get more running in during the walk.

When she headed a little further than I like in the 'no fly zone', plus ignoring me, I pulled out the 6' standard leash from my back pocket and hooked her up. She didn't mind it. After 30'-40' I dropped the leash to see how she would walk. She stayed near me, until I unhooked her completely and then she took off along the brush line on the way back home.

I knew during the walk that I was going to mow the yard when I got back. As a test I left all three hounds shut in the bedroom, with the windows open to see how Stella would do inside for about an hour. It is so much easier to mow the yard when they are inside instead of having to keep an eye on them while I mow. They like to wander off when I am mowing and they are left unattended.

After an hour, Stella continued her streak of no damage ... that's encouraging. When I said "lets go outside", Heidi went running for her blankets as if she was going to pass on the offer. When I told her she was not spending the summer in bed and to get outside, she sprinted for the door ... it must have been my tone of voice.  :)

Like always, once she was outside she enjoyed herself. While Heidi sniffed in the backyard and even laid in the sunshine for a while, Stella did her normal inspection of the freshly mowed yard and it looked like she approved.

Sadie rarely relaxes the sun. She either has to be exploring the field or chewing up sticks 1" at a time, but never eating them.

No matter how nice that warm green grass feels to Stella, for some reason she still likes to lay on the gravel driveway.

We had a good day today. It's nice to have all the windows back open. Does it look like Heidi has gained some weight? I think I'll take her over to the vet to put her on their scales and then find out if I need to give her more of the supplement called 'Hema A Spike'.

Cool breezes in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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