March 24, 2016

Stella Calls Off Walk

I have just enough time to get the post for the night finished before the first ballgame comes on in a few minutes.

When the winds started pounded the storm windows this morning, Sadie, Stella and I decided it was time to go outside and see where the rain was.

There wasn't any rain at the time but checking the skies to the SW, then the NW and the NE ... a lot of movement up there but no rain. Stella sat and enjoyed the wind ... she likes that for some reason. Sadie walked around not aware it would be raining within the next 30 minutes.

Stella moved out to the backyard to face that strong SW wind but all she saw were dark clouds. No rain drops yet.

Sadie gave the final okay to go back inside ... there wasn't anything to see outside.

The rains blew in hard and it lasted for a couple of hours turning into a light rain for the few hours after that. Yet, when you eat lunch and are use to going outside right after the meal ... weather doesn't make a difference.

Or maybe that rainy weather made a difference to Stella. She didn't like it but still had to dump her tanks as she was trained to do after eating.

While it rained all day I was able to get all of those things done that needed to be finished inside the house today and by 6pm, the hounds thought we might need to go outside and check the field to see if a walk was possible.

Stella started her inspection, but Sadie was not going to move out of the yard. In fact she stood and gave me the stare down, wanting to walk. That's the look you see.

After more inspecting further out in the field, Stella finally decided it was to wet and called off the walk for today. After the official announcement, she walked slowly back inside.

Sadie is still begging for a walk as I type this but I am minutes away from 4 college basketball games tonight that should finish around 12:30am local time. It is March Madness ... what did you expect??

Everything is green and we are now almost to the amount of rain we should have for this time of year.

All is good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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