March 23, 2016

Sadie Wants A Different Routine

I guess the daylight savings time routine has set in with the hounds. Of course the 70° threshold determines when and how long Heidi goes and stays outside. Sadie and Stella like all kinds of weather and all kinds of temperatures ... "just let me outside".

What's the routine?  Same as always with a few minor changes I mentioned yesterday. Sadie is becoming more demanding, wanting to go on the "daily walk" practically every time she goes outside. 

Now she has influenced Stella to whine to help convincing me it's a good time to take a walk all the time. That is one thing they will not get her way. What happened to the days of letting them out and they roamed the field at their pace every morning or afternoon?

I could feel the air was a little warmer this morning as I took the daily photo of the field across the highway. It was strange to see overcast skies when it looked like a forecast of sunshine all week. Still, no complaints .. winter is over here in 'the tropics'.

After the hounds make their first trip outside, I make coffee and prepare to read the latest blog updates on my sidebar, check out some news, sports, and answer any emails I received overnight. During this time the hounds are sound to sleep, both bloodhounds sleeping with Heidi.

Usually around 10am or just as I finish my coffee, Sadie lets me know it's time for their morning walk. Heidi checks the temps and doesn't move if it's not 70° or above ... at least in the mornings. 

As we step outside this morning I glance at the thermometer and see it's just a few notches below 60°, that's a nice change. It looks like rain is near. Feels like rain is near but I find out later there is no rain around us for 500 miles. It will be a good time to mow part of the yard this afternoon, where it is growing faster than other parts of the yard. The thunderstorms will be here later tonight. 

Stella took off to take the lead like she was on some sort of mission. As she moved inside the bush line I could tell she had found something interesting to eat. It's still a bad habit they both have that I cannot get use to, so I turn my head and continue to walk.

A fresh piece of missing bark on this tree limb looks to me the deer have been in the area. That tree limb was blown down one winter when we had a small tornado pass through in the month of February.

Stella wasn't there long before she is running to catch Sadie. Neither are stopping to check out different spots. They seem to be tracking but more like a brief fly by. As I make the turn to veer right, the winds pick up with a slight chill.

As I turn to head to the halfway point, Stella comes charging past me and heads in the direction of her 'no fly' zone. Luckily by the time I got near the turning point, she heard me saying 'hey' or 'come on' ... and came running.

It was uneventful on the way back. They walked together most of the time, waited for me a few times to catch up and ended up walking so close to me to the house that I did not have the distance between them and me to get anymore photos.

A little change up ... did all my writing today first and then added the photos. I believe it is easier and faster to load all the photos first, since I will not have to read and pick and choose the photos separately based on what I am writing about.  {note:  it is much easier and faster to load all the photos first then write between the photos.}

As usual Sadie and Stella are sound to sleep and will be that way until they tell me it's time for lunch. You would not believe how quiet this house gets with 3 hounds inside. It's like no one is here.

A relaxed Wednesday so far in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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