March 03, 2016

Hounds Walk In Cold Weather

I know I declared that "winter is over" a few weeks ago when the temperatures rose above 70° only for a day. It's cold today, stuck on 40° but that seems to be normal weather for this time of year.

When I think of winter, I think of temperatures 20° and below, with or without snow. I could tell the first time we went out this morning the hounds were wanting to walk then but I needed coffee and to catch up on all my online reading since I took yesterday off from the internet for most of the day.

After that 2nd cup of coffee it was time to check out the weather for a late morning walk for the hounds. It was overcast skies this morning but having no wind was a plus. I decided to take the hounds out for a morning walk and I would wear the Mountain Hardwear down jacket, to make sure I stayed warm. As soon as Stella and Sadie saw me putting on the down parka, they knew we were going for a walk and both became pretty excited. Heidi stayed buried under her blankets with dreams of 70° temperatures.

1st request for a walk
I will say her skin is still looking very good. Maybe it's the time of year but in the past that has never made a difference. All of her missing hair on her rear paws, rear legs and lower sides of her stomach has new hair filling in those bare spots.

Stella took off first to take the lead on the walk as Sadie stayed next to my side. Stella went running to Sadie anytime I told her to "come on". She was very obedient throughout the walk.

It is hard to show just how deep this gully is in the wooded area but if you look into the woods you can tell it goes almost straight down.

For some reason Stella did not veer right today to the far corner of the field, but followed Sadie to the brush line and then trotted along with Sadie. As I started to turn for the way home, Stella was already next to the tower and as I yelled "no", she came running towards me, then nudged my hand with her nose when she got back on the path.

Sadie decided today to get in a little sprint workout. Just as Stella and I were about to walk into the carport toward the house, here came Sadie.

Wunderground weather shows I have just a couple of more days in the 40s and then it will be 7-8 days with the highs in the mid 60's. That is the kind of March weather I like.

If you are a college basketball junkie like I am, March is our favorite month. A game this weekend finishes the regular season, then conferences tournaments all over the USA, which will lead into that March Madness Sunday where 68 teams will be chosen for the tournament. Add in a little MLB Spring Training baseball on TV in the afternoons and it turns into a perfect sports month.

It's going to be pretty fast paced here on the couch with 4 different channels showing the tournament. Like they say here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana ... "basketball isn't a game, it's life".

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