March 05, 2016

The Hounds Are Quiet Today

This morning was cool temps, little sunshine and a pretty quiet morning with the hounds. They went outside as usual this morning but didn't run, didn't play and really didn't stay outside that long.

I'm not sure why, maybe they are just wanting to relax or maybe they can tell it is a taping marathon going on in the living room ... they are pretty low key today.  No one was begging to be fed lunch, that is very strange. Before I even looked at the clock we were about any hour past their normal lunch time.

Still had time for a walk this afternoon. It's a nice day although not sunny and nothing close to the predicted high temperature today. I wanted to try something different on taking photos today ... every photo is with the 18mm-55mm lens.

Stella was interested in the sounds of the heavy equipment within hearing distance

Without going to her normal spots to the right side of the field, she followed along with Sadie for a lot of the walk.

She is still very interested in the 'no fly zone' and would love to get back in that area where she snuck off to the other day ... over that hill by the tower.

Sadie waits for Stella to catch up as she is lagging way behind today ... at a very slow pace. It reminded me walking with Winston and the pace he use to walk at.

I am going to be taping non-stop today and tonight since there is nothing on tv that I want to watch. I want to get as much of the taping done as fast as possible. I wondered today if I was never planning to keep all of my media on the DVR, then why do the upgrade just for more memory space? Of course it would be many more games, movies stored in an HD format.

The hounds and I are too lazy today in 'the tropics of Southern Indiana ... not much is going to get done today.

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