March 22, 2016

Like Most Any Other Day

It might seem like every day is the same ... they're not. I am glad that most readers of this blog show up to just look at the photos, because lately the commentary has been pretty dull in this blogger's eyes.

Still, there are subtle differences in each day. Some of those you can pick up in the photos posted here, sometimes you might catch it in my rambling. Really, that's all it really is. 

So like life and blogs, there is an ebb and flow to what happens and what is written about.

Today didn't start out any different than most days. Heidi's skin color was the best I have seen yet when she woke up, but it slowly disintegrates as the day gets longer. This morning I had photos sent to me from a Florida beach that my friend is visiting with her family, to escape Chicago. Sadie and Stella went out first for a very short time and a surprise to me ... they came running when I yelled "come on".

No treat bribes were involved. I did not have to scream their names. I didn't have to talk to myself while they ignored me ... this morning they sprinted for the house.

You see the rope still tethered to the livestock anchor but it has not been used the past few days. Under a watchful eye, Stella has been out with Sadie unleashed, roaming the field and not going back to the neighbors drainage ditch ... so she is off probation. I'll take up that rope after this post and put it back in the FJ rear door storage net.

A little after 10am, I decided I would beat the hounds to the punch so to speak and take them for their first walk of the day before they started to beg to walk. As I was putting on my coach and one glove, dressing a little warmer today for the 47° temps and a strong cold wind .. they heard me and woke from their morning nap ... excited to walk.

Why just one glove?  I have to keep my camera finger exposed.

About everything was the same but like I said earlier, every day there are subtle changes. Today Stella decided to make that happen. She veered right as usual but stay there until Sadie and I were almost 3/4 of the way home. Luckily she came running when I called her name.

She moved back in front of Sadie and in front of me acting like nothing different had happened. She would still like to wander off and always looks like she is a little mad when I tell her to "come on".

It sure did look like in this photo that she had a scent of the squirrel that Sadie found the other day hiding in the grass, then chased it into the wooded area shown behind Stella today, and up a tree. I said "come here" and she left the scent and came toward me. I cannot afford to let her get into the chase mode and possibly take off near the highway in pursuit.

I guess they were both satisfied with their walk this morning. They followed me close on the way home and came trotting to the house without any problems.

I think I will pack up ALL the hounds today in the FJ, take the camera and do some local driving around and see what I can find. Similar to what Al and Pheebes does over at The Bayfield Bunch. I really need to get out of the house at times. Thank you Al for motivating me.

Another subtle change that you may have not noticed ... I have a new blog, a little different format with multiple posts per day, very short commentary and a few photos ... like instant shots and instant thoughts. The quality of photos are really much sharper than the Blogger blog.

At least it's sunny today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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