April 24, 2017

Blog Pictures Are Finally Fixed

It has been months of frustration for me when I looked at the quality of the pictures after posted on the blog. I have mentioned it three or four different times, wondering if I was going blind or possibly insane.

It all started by an email I received this morning from a fellow Blogger blog owner. They too, along with a small group of us, have been complaining for months now that our blog pictures were not as sharp as they use to be. For a long time we couldn't figure out why. Once we found out why, how do they get fixed.

He had the answer.

A few times when I talked about it on the blog some readers were wondering if we were just getting old, insane and losing our eyesight. Some of us considered moving to Wordpress and one almost stopped blogging because of poor picture quality.

So after I saw the difference in sharpness and how easy it was to fix, I edited my 8 most recent posts and saw a HUGE difference in picture quality. I decided I had time to go through my 'pages' that are tabbed across the top of the blog and see what kind of damage I could do there.

It is amazing in the difference in sharpness of the pictures. It will take a little longer to put a post together but well worth that extra time for better pictures.

About the time I finished with editing over 200 pictures, Sadie was standing right at my elbow giving me the silent treatment to let me know it was time to eat. As I glanced over at Stella, not saying a word, she started howling ... that led Heidi barking in the next room.

So lunch was served, with a little more added to Stella's stainless steel bowl. After they are finished Sadie will inspect each of their bowls to make sure that every last kibble of food is gone. She will lick all the dog food bowls clean after every meal.

So we took the normal trip outside just after the meal and found a warm day fighting against cooler winds from the north.

With the fix to the pictures, from now on you should see them with a much better sharpness, a better quality picture. The last 8 blog posts also include the corrected images, as well as the pictures in my pages across the top of the blog.

It is so nice outside that we are heading out for some book reading while the hounds either sleep in the sun or watch Sadie roam the yard and field. That 'to do' list is sitting on the desk gathering a little dust. Maybe all of the effort to clear the driveway bank a few weeks ago was too much too soon.

I might be a slacker now but it's a good Monday so far here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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