April 01, 2017

Sadie's Hit With Excitement Today

You would have never expected 'high energy' after looking back at Stella as we started our morning walk. By the time she finished scratching and sprinting, yes sprinting, past me to catch Sadie ... Sadie was already on a scent of some sort. She was really excited, to the point I had to be on the lookout for what she had found.

She took off on a full out run as soon as she stepped one foot in the field. I glanced for deer, cats, birds, really anything that would cause her to charge through the thick thorn bushes and down into the gully.

What was interesting, I didn't see anything ... but she apparently did.

While Stella was more interested in indulging in her morning natural protein with some deer flavor add, Sadie was running back and forth along the edge of the field and bushes. A couple of times she ran into the thick bushes and backed herself out.

By her actions I assumed it was a smaller animal that had been through this area and not deer. Who knows, it could have been the big blonde cat we saw yesterday over by the neighbor's wooded area.

I had to double back today to get Stella to move in our direction. By the time I walked up to her she was in the process of eating good old dirt ... wet mud. Like any hound breed, once they raise their mouth from whatever they are eating .... sometimes residue is hanging in their drool on both sides of their mouths.

I was hoping to catch those leaves hanging in midair on each side of her mouth but she took off running about the time I clicked the shudder.

When I thought both hounds were heading to the far right corner, Sadie made an immediate left and took off sprinting again. She was running at max speed ... Stella headed the opposite direction. I had two hounds that were locked in on scents in opposite directions. Once I saw Stella head down into the gully and disappear from my view that is the direction I chose.

As I kept an eye on Sadie while I was trotting toward Stella's direction ... Sadie was so excited in what she had found she couldn't slow down. In this area I am pretty sure we are talking deer traffic and a lot of them.

She can smell them, maybe even hear them, but I doubt that she can see them. I saw nothing on the horizon when I looked in the same direction as Sadie was.

She heads back to retrace her steps, maybe to find some answers.

Then turned immediately back in the opposite direction because they have to be there somewhere. As they say, "she was beside herself". {I know the period should go inside the quote mark but to me it punctuation looks better after the quote mark}  :)

Since the pictures of Sadie above were taken so quickly in sequence, I was able to get over to Stella as she had moved back into view, just barely. By the time I was halfway to her she also turned in the opposite direction heading down into the gully out of my view. I thought she was gone so I started running faster while yelling her name.

Luckily about the time I got within 30' from where she disappeared, she popped back into view and started her slow stroll toward me with a look on her face as if she was questioning what was I yelling for ... in her head, everything was good.

Not a second after I took that picture of Stella ... Sadie rammed into the back of my knee. It's her way to let me know that she is back and that she didn't run away. She has been doing that since was a 3 month old puppy.

She and Stella trotted along the edge of the back field and turned to join me as I headed home.

Since the theme of the morning seemed to be 'run as far ahead of him as possible' ... they both took off running along the path and were almost in the backyard by the time I caught up with them.

Makes you wonder what all the excitement was about.

It could have been that we started our day extremely late today. That is what happens when you stay up until 4am playing music while saying "just one more". It was not just one album I was listening too but a wide range of songs from U2, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Pearl Jam, Neil Young ... and other's on and on.

It wasn't until late afternoon when I finally decided what kind of food I'd have to carry me through two Final Four games tonight and the championship games on Monday night. In between that would be MLB baseball games on Sunday and Monday afternoons.

The possible problem was by the time I made the decision and pulled out of the driveway I had about an hour and half before the game started. With traffic my 25 mile round trip would be close to tip off time by the time I got back.

The hounds are always happy when I come back with a trunk full of groceries. They think all food is theirs so they have to inspect every bag I carry from the car to the kitchen. Once I start eating in front of the tv, Sadie assumes her normal position under the coffee table waiting for any possible drops to the floor or a quick underhand serving of something.

Heidi and Stella will sit to the right of my waiting for that first tortilla chip.

Well I am off for a quick hound walk during halftime of the game. It's been beautiful weather today here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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