April 25, 2017

What A Siesta That Was !!

It started like a normal afternoon, only to be swarmed over by a long three hour siesta.
I didn't plan on sleeping the afternoon away but I did. I still have time to enjoy a few hours of sunshine. Just a few because my nightly Reds baseball on tv starts at 7:40pm. There is something relaxing watching baseball or at least have in on in the background.

Right after the hounds had their lunch kibble we all went outside. They did their normal wandering, dumping their tanks if needed. I grabbed the weed eater and took off down the back side of the house and over to the 'new' bank where I am trying to grow grass.

Once the Black & Decker 20v Lithium battery went dead, it was time to come back inside grab my book for some reading and head back outside. Once the gnats won the war I went back inside and played a few games of Mahjong.

I can usually tell when I might be tired from my fast paced lifestyle. When I finish Mahjong games in 4 minutes or longer, instead of 3 minutes or less, that tells me I either didn't sleep well or my mind is a little slow today.  My goal is to get the games I have left over 3 minutes to under 3 minutes.

While reading my book I realized those two cups of coffee and two eggs had reached the end of their nutritious path through my system. I was hungry but didn't know what for. I've been eating really good food lately and not speeding off to the nearest fast food joint for my meals.

I pushed the hunger pains away and continued to read. Later, by the third game of Mahjong I figured why not? Why wait for dinner just to have a large plate of pasta? With my busy schedule I can still fit in a large meal in the early afternoon time period.

With that carbo load and no physical activity to follow, It wasn't long where I was staggering toward the bedroom, letting the hounds know I was headed for a siesta. Stella followed me, Heidi stayed in her prime spot on the couch and Sadie of course was sitting by the open screen door checking out all the birds that had landed on her fence.

I don't remember the exact time it started but I ended up becoming conscious again around three hours later. Sadie was hopping up and down, somewhere between barking and moaning ... telling me she either couldn't wait much longer to go outside or we had been robbed. I chose that she had to go outside.

Not only did she sprint for the field but she didn't stop there. She wanted a walk after spending all afternoon trying to break into the locked lid dog food container. While I was sleeping she had slid out four barbells weighing 15# and 25# each, only used now to block the dog food container in the closet floor instead of staying in shape.

I guess I could shut the closet door to prevent that access to all that kibble locked in it's safe zone but when you downsize and have no other place to store your carpet shampoo rug doctor machine, the high pressure hose machine and my camping equipment ... it's just a little crowed to close that door.

Stella hung around for most of our afternoon walk. When she did wander off on her own she was always within sight and trotted to catch up to Sadie. That is really a good sign.

With the outdoor temps at 78°, Sadie had not paced herself and the heat caught up with her by the end of the walk ... nothing like dragging your tongue back to the house, panting.

That was a sure sign that I needed to brew up a new batch of ice tea. As I glanced at the indoor room thermometer near my computer and saw 77°, I remembered those times this winter when that same thermometer would say 55° before turning the heat on. I laughed at the new temps and wondered how long it would be this summer before I would turn on the A/C.

Just as I stepped inside the carport with the hounds right on my heels, the sunshine caught the field just right where I could see the new growth, with bright green rows showing up in all that brown.

(there I go again, writing the content above the photo I am talking about)

While making the ice tea I thought about a Z4 drive. The perfect time for it in an hour or so when it was a little cooler. But I really wasn't in the mood to drive anywhere. I am pretty hooked on baseball right now, so I'll be on the couch next to a stretched out sleeping Stella and a curled up sleeping Heidi watching the game until it gets uninteresting.

Another good sign that Stella is feeling better ... she is chewing the heck out of her large NylaBone.

There is always tomorrow to get to work on that 'to do' list, I just have to find where I hid it.

I guess I should have taken a chance on Friday and joined the hounds in eating their attractive beef looking chews from NetGard. They have been tickless for days now after their walks and all those small creatures are finding me. At least they are smaller in size this spring but nothing like feeling that something is crawling on your before you realize what is on you.

It's time to grab a large glass of ice tea and head back outside so the hounds can roam the field while I watch and battle the gnats for an hour before the ballgame.

It's been another successful retirement day here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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